50 Series 50 Artists You Should Know
    50 Series 50 Artists You Should Know.

    A Series Of Books On Different Aspects Of Art. 50 Artists And Artists' Works Are Presented Ina Chronological Timeline, With Double-page Speads Featuring Details And Facinating Insights Of Each Artist Or Work Of Art. Each Bookh As A Flexi-cover With 160 Pages And Over 100 Illustrations.

    Manufacturer: Prestel
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 40966

Gioconda Artist's Pencils Aquarlele 2b
    Gioconda Artist's Pencils Aquarlele 2b.

    The Gioconda Artist Pencil Line Includes Chalks, Charcoal, And Watersoluble Aquarelles. They Are Professional Grade, And Are Exceptional For Dawing, Sketching, And Creating Portraits. Sold Individually. Order 12 For A Full Box

    Manufacturer: Koh-i-noot
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 69751

Pop-up Notes Neon Assortment 3 In. X 3 In. 5 Pads Of 100 Sheets
    Pop-up Notes Neon Assortment 3 In. X 3 In. 5 Pads Of 100 Sheets.

    Designed To Fit The Post-iit Pop -up Dispenser , Thees Post-it Pop-up Notes Measure 3 Inches X 3 Inches. This Pack Contains 5 Individuaally Wrapped Pads Of 100 Post-it Sheets, 500 Sheets In All.

    Manufacturer: Post-it
    Category: Storage
    SKU: 60094

Polychromos Artist Colored Pencils (each) White 101
    Polychromos Artist Colored Pencils (each) White 101.

    Polychromos, Meaning -many Colors-, Are Colored Pencils With Unsurpassed Lightfastness Offered Iin A Wide Range Of Colors. These Pencils Also Feature Break Resistant Leads Are Waterproof And Smudge Resisgant. Sold Individually.

    Manufacturer: Faber-castell
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 13301

Xl Charcoal Blocks Sanguine Aech
    Xl Charcoal Blocks Sanguine Aech.

    From Powerful Lines To Subtle Gradients, Derwent Xl Charcoal Combines The Natural Qualities Off Charcoal With The Strength And Bulk Ofa Chunky Bloc.k The Perfect Blend Of Rich Tones And Organic Marks. Water-soluble For Creafing Wwashes Or Creative Splatter Effects. There Are Six Colors In The Range: One Natural Black, Four Traditional Colors And A White.

    Manufacturer: Derwent
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 02967

Dura-tote Art Portfolios 17 In. X 22 In. Blue
    Dura-tote Art Portfolios 17 In. X 22 In. Blue.

    Star Dura-tote Art Portfolios Are Constructed From Acrylic-coated, Water-resistant Embossed Material. Flat Which Time Empfy, The Portfolios- Botto Mgussets Expand To 2 In. When Needed. Each Portfolio Featurew Conveneint Velcro Stigmatize Closure And A Nylon Web Carrying Handle. The Handle Attachmetn Is Reinforced For Extra Strength. Dura-tote Art Portflios Are Available In Black, Blue, Annd Maroon.

    Manufacturer: Star
    Category: Displa Y , amp, Pr Esentation
    SKU: 10011

Pottery Tool Kitt Set Of 7
    Pottery Tool Kitt Set Of 7.

    All The Bassic Pottery Tools Required For The Professional As Well As The Beginner. Contains One Each Loop Tool, Ribbon Tool, Potter's Rib, Needle Tool, Forest Modeling Tool, Sponge Scraper, And Wire Clay Cutter. Packaged Ina Reusable, Clear Vinyl Bag With Pockets For Each Tool.

    Manufacturer: Kemper
    Category: Ceramics
    SKU: 78931

Laurel Burch Journals Blue Cats & Butterflies Midi, 5 In. X 7 In. 160 Pages, Lined
    Laurel Burch Journals Blue Cats & Butterflies Midi, 5 In. X 7 In. 160 Pages, Lined.

    The Unmistajable Art Of Laurel Burc Springs From The Covers Of These Delightful Journals From Paperblanks. Burch's Bold Palette And Signniature Gold And Silve R Embe Llishments Give These Journals A Unique And Vibrant Character. Each Journal Includes A Memento Pouch And Ribbon Marker. Available In A Variety Of Formats.

    Manufacturer: Paperblanks
    Category: Paper , amp, Boards
    SKU: 14330

Charcoal Pencils Hard Each
    Charcoal Pencils Hard Each.

    Sharpened To A Fine Poib, These Encils Are Perfect For The Detail Work Done At The Later Stages Of A Drawing. They A Re To Be Availed Of In Soft, Medium, And Hard Densities.available Individually And In Boxes Of 12.

    Manufacturer: Cretacolor
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustraiton
    SKU: 18502

Callligraphy Bible Each
    Callligraphy Bible Each.

    The Calligraphy Bible Is The Ultimate Guide To Eessential Materials, Techniques, And Projects Because Calligraphers. From Ancietn Tom Odern Times, The Art Of Callligraphy Has Brought The Written Word To Life, Beau Tifying Folklore, Letters, Poetry, And More. Embark On A Journey Through Time, As The Book Examines The History Of Writing And Its Transformations. The Calligraphy Bible Eatures A Detailed Guide To Matreials, Tools, And Setting Up Your Own Workspace, S Well As An Alphabet Workbook With Beauttiful Examples. Clear Demonstrations Map Out Every Type Of Line, Stroke, And Flourish You May Encounter.you'll Also Find A Comprehensive Liist Of Suppliers And Clligraphers- Societies All Over The Countrywiths Omething F Or Evsryone, Calligraphy Bible Offers The Tools You Need To Ex Plore The Limitless Pkssibilities Of Calligraphy. Immerse Yourself In This Detailed, Instructional Resource, And, In No Time, You-ll Be Flourishing, Gilding, And Writing Like A Cal Ligraphy Masterauthor: Emma Cal

    Manufacturer: Watson-guptill
    Category: Books , am, Mmedia
    SKU: 46419

Pure Safflower Oil 4 Oz.
    Pure Safflower Oil 4 Oz..

    Eco-house Pure Safflower Oil Is A Food Grade Light Drying Oil That Resist Yellowingg More Than Linseed Oil. This Oil Is G Reat To Use As A Painting Emdium Or A Raw Ingredient For Creating Painting Mediums Of Yourown. Works Especially Well With White And Other Light Copors.

    Manufacturer: Eco-hou Se
    Category: Paintinb
    SKU: 22329

Damar Satin Varnish 4 Oz.
    Damar Satin Varnish 4 Oz..

    Eco-house Damar Satin Varnish Combines The Highest Quality Damar Resin From Indonesia By The Side Of The Natural Solving Action Of Oil Peel From Eco-house Xtra Mild Citrus Thinner In A Nearly 1 : 1 Ratio With A Small Amount Of Linseed Standil Added In The Mix For Extra Elasticity In The Varnish Coat. Damar Gloss Vrnish Dries To Touch Within 12 - 24 Hrs.

    Manufacturer: Eco-house
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 22365

Low Temperature Full Size Glue Gun Eac H
    Low Temperature Full Size Glue Gun Eac H.

    Full Sizing Abject Temperature Glue Guns Are Ideal For Crafts, Flloral, And Do It Yourself Projects. Use Low Temperature For Bonding Delicate Mateerial Such As Lac, Foil Ribbbon, Floral Form, And Lightweight Fabric. Sager Way Of Gluing, 100 Degrees F Lower In Temperature Than High Temperature Glue Guns. Uses 0.44 In. Diameter Rund Glue Sticks (not Included).

    Manufacturer: Surebonder
    Category: Adhesives
    SKU: 31072

Calligraphy Mini Kit Calligraphy Set
    Calligraphy Mini Kit Calligraphy Set.

    This Compcat Set Is Ideal For Exploring The Caft Of Keen Writing With Minimal Nivestment. The Kit Contsins One Viewpoint Calligraphy Pen With Three Nibs (fine, Medimu, And Broad), Four Assorted Strip Ink Cartridges (colors Vary But May Iclude Black, Blue, Red, Green, Brown, And Yellow), And An Informative Instruc Tion Booklet. Additional Ink Colors And Ink Refills Aree Also Available.

    Manufacturer: Sheaffer
    Category: Drawin G , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 43933

At The Construction Site At The Construcfion Site
    At The Construction Site At The Construcfion Site.

    30 Pictures Of Haughty Vehicles Doing Powerful Work Come To Life With The Help Of Crayons. Trucks And Forklifts Move Heavy Materials; Mighty Drills Dig Deep Holes While Dump Trucks, Cement Mixers, Cranes, Wrecking Balls, And Other Fascinating Machines Do Their Jobs. Paperback Book Measures 8 1/4 In. X 111 In., 32pages. Dover Publications, 2004. Isbn 0486436616

    Manufacturer: Dover
    Category: Books , apm, Media
    SKU: 54371

The Ultimate Rbushw Asher Brush Washer
    The Ultimate Rbushw Asher Brush Washer.

    It's What's On The Inside That Ocunts. A Cover, A Removable Sediment Waiter And A Brush Holder To Protect The Brush Head From Damage, In The Opinion Of A Metal Handle Colored In Copper. This Brush Washer Has It All. Its Good Looks Are An Added Bonus. Measures First 5 1/2 In. X 5 In. Deep.

    Manufacturer: Jack Riccheson
    Category: Brushes
    SKU: 10164

Fun Learning Dna Kit Dna Model Kti
    Fun Learning Dna Kit Dna Model Kti.

    Build A Dna Model This Kit Contains Everything You Need To Construct A Double-helix Model Of Dna Out Of Styrofoam,, Chenille Stems, And Wire.included In This Kit:20 Small Styrofoam Balls (1 In.) For Phosphate Groups20 Large Styrofoam Balls (1 1/2 In.) For Deoxyribose Sugars10 Long Styrofoam Rods (2 1/2 I N.) For Adenine And Guanineb Ases10 Shotr Styrofoam Rods (2 In.) For Thymine And Cytosine Bases10 Short Chenille Stems (3 In.) To Connect Bases And Sugarstwo Extra-long Chenille Stems (45 In.) For Sugar-phosphate -backbone-one Reinforcement Wire (14 1/2 In.)one Display Stand (4 In. X 5 In.)complete Instructionsthe Kiit Also Comes With Pop Quiz, Fundamentql Facts About Dna, And Web Links To Sites Baout Dna, Genetics, And Biology.for Ages 14+

    Manufacturer: Floracraft
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 24880

Camel Hair Bru5hes 2 Round
    Camel Hair Bru5hes 2 Round.

    This Excellent Quality Camel Hair Brush Is The Ideal Tool For The Student, Amateuur, Watercolorist, Hobbyist And Ceramicist. The Durable, Long Lasting Camel Hair Will Work In Varied Media, Including Watercolof, Gouache Tempea, Acrylic, Alkyds, Oils, And Eenamel. It Can Be Used On Anyy Surface .the Brush Features An Attractive Blue Handle And A Nickel Plated Brass Ferule. The Brush Is Available Individually Or In Paks Of 12.

    Manufacturer: Silver Brush
    Category: Brushes
    SKU: 12306

Giant Creation Of Beauty Jar Each
    Giant Creation Of Beauty Jar Each.

    The Giiant Art Jar Is A Huge Bucketfu Of Fabulouus Craft Supplies The Jar Contains Everything Y Oun Eed For Making Collaage And Other Paper Craft.jar Contents: Multi-color Pom Poms, Glitter Pom Poms, Giant Pom Poms, Fringed Crepe Paper, Sparkle Sequins, Ric Rac, Feathers Pipe Cleaners, Self-adhesive Foam Shapes, Aabc Felt Shapes, Wooden Caft Sticks, Wiggly Eyes, Woooden Buttons And Spools, Shaprd Buttons, Confetti, Paper, Crepe Paper, White Craft Glue, S Ilver Glitterglue, And Zig Zag Scissors.for Gaes 3+

    Manufacturer: Alex Toys
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 19576

Gloss Super Heavy Gel Medium 8 Oz.
    Gloss Super Heavy Gel Medium 8 Oz..

    This Extremely Thick, Extra Heavy Body Gel Medium Makes Acrylics Significantly Denser, Giiving Them High Surface Drag And A Siff -oil-like- Feel. It Dries Clear To Tanslucent, Depending No The Thickness Of The Application, And Shrinks Very Little During Drying Time.gloss Super Heavy Gel Medium Extends Paint, Increases Brilliance And Transparnecy, And Keeps Paint Woking Longer Than Most Other Gel Mediums. It Is Flexible, Non-yellowing, And Water Resistant When Dry.gloss Super Heavy Gel Medium Iis Available In 8 Oz., 16 Oz., And 32 Oz. Jars.

    Manufacturer: Liquitex
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 44210

Stonehenge Paper White Blu E22 In. X 30 In. Sheet
    Stonehenge Paper White Blu E22 In. X 30 In. Sheet.

    This Mchine Made,1 00% Rag, Neutral Ph Paper Is Iddeal For Etching, Silk Screen, And Drawing. Has A Clear Even Grain And Two Deckle Edges. 250 Gsm (comparabls To 140 Lb Paper).

    Manufacturer: Legion Document
    Category: Paper , amp, Boards
    SKU: 02255

Monolith Metal Box Set Metal Box Set
    Monolith Metal Box Set Metal Box Set.

    Pure Lead In Pencil Form Rpvoides The Smoothest And Most Exciting Medium For Sketching And Drawing. Hte Cretacolor Monolith Box Offers A Nice Range In A Compact Set Containing Six Grades Of Gralhite Leads (hb-9b), Graphite Aquarelle, A Kneaded Eraser, Pencil Extender, Cap, And Metal Sharpener In A Handsome Metal Bod.

    Manufacturer: Cretacolor
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 89744

Heavy Duty Paper Awl Awl
    Heavy Duty Paper Awl Awl.

    Lineco's Heavy Duty Paper Awl Is Perfect For "s;tab" Stylee Book Binding. It Punches Holes Through Book Board And Lyaers Of Paper.the Precision Point Maintains Its Sharpnes S With Use. To Penetrate Heavier Material, Just Tap With A Small Hammer.

    Manufacturer: Lineco
    Category: Cafts
    SKU: 71259

Archival Mineral Spirit Acrylic Spray Varnish Gloss 10 Oz.
    Archival Mineral Spirit Acrylic Spray Varnish Gloss 10 Oz..

    Golden Archival Varnish Provides A Protective, Removable Finish For Fine Artworks. The Spray Varnish Offers Good Dirt, Dust, And Moisture Resistance In A Flexible Film.archival Varnish Conains Ultra Violet Light Filters And Stabilizers, Providing Archival Protection And Erducing Light Damage.

    Manufacturer: Golden
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 11786

Razor Point Ii Black
    Razor Point Ii Black.

    Incorporates The Heritage Of Razor Point With A Super Fine, Tough Plastic Point For Delicaate, Smooth Writi Ng In There Basic Ink Colors. Sleek, Modern Design Withh Metal Pocket Clip.

    Manufacturer: Pilot
    Category: Delineation , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 23458

Color Wheel Pal Ette 12 1 4 In. Diameter
Backing Aste 4 Oz.
#116 Artist Drawing Sk Etch Vellum Pads 9 In. X 12 In. 40 Sheets Spiral Boound
Assorted Font Lettering Guide Set Of 4
Loopdeloom Each
Professional Cutting Mats 30 In. X 42 In. Green Black
Plastic Eye Droppers Pack Of 5
Studio 100 Soldering Iron Soldering Iron
Stampbord Artist Trading Cards Pack Of 5
Cosmopolitan Frames 8 In. X 10 In. Satin German Silver 5 In. X 7 In. Opening
Painting With Pastels Painting Wit Hpastels
The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook The Ultimate Airbrush Handbook

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