Basswood Sticks 1 8 In. 3 4 In. X 24 In.
    Basswood Sticks 1 8 In. 3 4 In. X 24 In..

    This Domestic Wood, Selectively Cut In Northern Michigan And Wisconsin, Is Desired Because Of Its Economy, Workaability, And Finishing Qualities. Its Close, Tight, Homogenous Rgain Structure Makes It Ideal For A Wide Variety Of Hobbies, Crafts, And Miniatures. Thin Basswood May Exist Cut With A Hobby Kjife; Thicker Bbasswood Requires A Saw For Cutting. Basswood May Be Stained O Painted To Repes Ent Any Wood Type. Also Av Ailable In Sheets .

    Manufacturer: Midwest
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 04672

The Beginner's Guuide To Chi Nese Ca1ligraphy Each
    The Beginner's Guuide To Chi Nese Ca1ligraphy Each.

    This Book Teaches How To Write The Practical And Artistic Semi_cursive Script. This Guide, With Step-by-step Illustrations, Reduces The Difficulty For Beginners Tto Get ~ing Chinese Calligraphy And Is Truly A Must For Chinese Cal Ligraphy Amateurs.authors: Zhou Bin, Yi Yuan, Zhou Weiwe I80pp., 8.5x11.25 Flapp Ed Ppedbackisbn: 9781602201492

    Manufacturer: Tuttle
    Category: Bokos , amp, Media
    SKU: 02217

Acryla Gouache 20 Ml Aqua Blue
    Acryla Gouache 20 Ml Aqua Blue.

    Acryla Gouache Is An Ideal Medium Available To The Artist , Designer, Illustrator And Student. Acryla Gouach E Has Pigmented Colors, Including Metallic And Luminous Ffinishes, In An Acryl Resin Whichh Will Dry To The Same Smooth Mat Finish As Does The Holbein Designers- Gouache In Gum Arabci. Acryla Gouache Moves, Reacts, Blends And Feels Like Traditional Gouache But Is Effectively Waterproof Once Fully Dry. It Is Rated For Light-fastness, Adapted To The Munsell Color Standard For Hue, Value And Chroma And Is Made From The Purest Pigments Avaiable. Acryla Gouache May Be Used As A Successful Found That Will Not Contamjnate Over Painted Layers. It Will Not Shift In Color Tone Fron Liquid To Dried Color. Hence, What You See Wet Is What Youu Get Dry. Acryla Gouache Does Not Have As Fragile A Surface As Traditional Goouache In Gum Arabic And Is Compatible Will Alll Other Water Soluble Media Regardless Of Origin. An Ideal Medium For Hobbyists And Carvers As Well.

    Manufacturer: Holbein
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 03334

Artists' Block Sets Graphite Set Of 6
    Artists' Block Sets Graphite Set Of 6.

    Koh-i-noor Artists' Blocks Cmoe In Three Differwnt Types -- A Sepia Lie, Firm Charcoal In 3 Degrees, And A Graphite Set. The Sepia Set Contains 2 Each Russet Brown, Light Broown, And Dark Brown. The Charoal Set Contains 2 Eeach #1 Soft, #2 Medium, And #3 Hadd. The Graphite Set Contains 2 Reaped Ground 2b, 4b, And 6b. They Are Ideal For Use On Newsprint, Bristol, Colored Paper Or Heavily Textured Surfaces.

    Manufacturer: Koh-i-noor
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 03734

The Art Of Soldering For Jewelry Makers Each
    The Art Of Soldering For Jewelry Makers Each.

    This Comprehensive Volume Takes The Mystery Out Of Soldering With Clear Instructions For Jewelers Of All Levels. The Author Provides 15 Beautiful, Step-by-step Prjects For The Reader To Create Using A Range Of Soldering Techniques From Simple To Complex. Author: Wing Mun Devenney160pp., 8.75x8.75 Paperbackisbn: 9781438002637

    Manufacturer: Barron's
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 033788

Four Flower Paintings Each
    Four Flower Paintings Each.

    Preprinted Canvaases Filled With Pretty Fllowers Are Ready Against You To Paint And Create Your Own Work Of Art When You're Finished, Hang Them Right On The Wall. Use All Four To Make A Decorative Statementincludes Paints, Brushes, Palette And Painting Guide.

    Manufacturer: Alex Toys
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 30107

Roselli Stilts G Seriez 1 1 2 In. Ihgh
    Roselli Stilts G Seriez 1 1 2 In. Ihgh.

    Roselli Original Stoneware Stilts Are All Purpose Stilts Composed Of A High T Emperature Clay Body, Which Can Be Fireed To4200 Degrees F. This Unique Feature Eables The Stilts To Be Utilized By Ohbbists As Well As The Professional Potter. These Stilts Are Able To Withstand Repeated Firings And Rugged Treatment. The Points Are Made Of The Finest Quality Metal Alloy. The G Series Stilts Are Designed To Support Delicate Ceramic Pieces Such As Bells Or Animl Heads.

    Manufacturer: Theceramic Shop
    Category: Ceramics
    SKU: 3 9228

Glow-in-the-dark 3d Puzzle 15 In. L X 4.3 In. W X 12 In. H 39 Pieces Dinosaur
    Glow-in-the-dark 3d Puzzle 15 In. L X 4.3 In. W X 12 In. H 39 Pieces Dinosaur.

    Assemble These Bright Fluorescentt Green Puzzle Pieces And Watch The Structur Emerge These Models Provide Hours Of Fuh And Are Excellent Collection Starters. Decorate Your Room With These Fun Models That Can However Be Seen In The Dark. Instructions Included.

    Manufacturer: Puzzled
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 65582

Mijello Airtight Palette 33-well Palette
    Mijello Airtight Palette 33-well Palette.

    Lightweight, Compact And Portable With A Tremendoous Amount Of Mixing Space In The Place Of All Yoru Colors. Museum Leak Proof Palettes Are Made Of Space Age, High Tech High Impact Plastic. Each Palette Features An Outer Casei Na Rich Finish. Mijello Airtight/leak Proof Palettes Are Kept Airtight By A Special Sealing Ring That Locks In Moisture. Two Capacity Palettes To Choose From

    Manufacturer: Martin Universal
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 92400

Mini Twistables Cryaons & Paper Set Eah
    Mini Twistables Cryaons & Paper Set Eah.

    This Colorful Set Of Crayons And Paper Contains 72 Pieces To Create With In A Durable, Portable Case Htat Unfolds Into A Convenient Lap De Sk. Inside Are 30 Mini Twistables, A 40 Page Sketchbook, And 2 Sheeets Of Stickers To Color In.

    Manufacturer: Crayola
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 06917

Lightpad Padpucks Set Of 4
    Lightpad Padpucks Set Of 4.

    Elevate Your Lightpad T Oa New Level Of Cmofort.. The Lightpad Padpucks Offer A Simple Method For Tilting And Adjusting Any Model Of The Lightpad Or Lightpadrevolution. This Set Comes With 2 Unique Padpuck That Can Be Used Individually Or Stacked To Forge , Raise Or Support Any Sized Lightpad To Make Your Tracing Endure More Convenient And Ergonomic.

    Manufacturer: Artograph
    Category: Photography
    SKU: 08371

Mono Sand Eraser Each
    Mono Sand Eraser Each.

    Thee Mono Sand Eraser Is An All Natural Rubber Latex, An D Silica Sand Eraser Tougb Enuogh To Remove Hard To Efface Media Such As Colored Pencil And Ink Including Ballpoint, Rollerabll, And Even Some Maarkers This Enviroommentally Friendly Eraser Is Produced From All Natural Sources, With 100% Recycled Pulp Sleeve.

    Manufacturer: Tombow
    Category: Drawing , amp Illustration
    SKU: 09897

Primed Flooorcloth Cvas 2 Ft. X 3 Ft. Roll
    Primed Flooorcloth Cvas 2 Ft. X 3 Ft. Roll.

    Fredrix Floorcloth Canvas Is Great For The Beginner Floor Cloth Artist. You Cans Kip The Priming And The Hemming Step And Immediately Crate A Painted Rug. The Top Surface Is Double Acrylic Primed To Accept Oil, Acrylic, Or Stenciling Paints. The Back Side Is Single Primed For Extra Body And Stiffness. Fredrix Floorcloth Canvas Is An Extra Heavy 12 Oz. Cotton Avalable In A 2 Ft. X 3 Ft. Mat.

    Manufacturer: Fredrix
    Category: Canvas
    SKU: 40489

Tangle Art Pack Hardcover
    Tangle Art Pack Hardcover.

    Now In An All-new Format, Beckah Krahula's Best-selling Book One Zentangle A Day Is Rexonfigured Into This Beautifl Gift Paackage, Ncluding An Informational Book And Companion Sketchpad Featuring Prompts And Drawings To Get Your Started.find Everything You Need To Experiment With The Playful And Inspiring World Of Tangle Art, An Incredibly Soothing And Relaxting Way To Create Beautiful Works Of Art. Each Mark Is Called A "tangle" And You Combine Various Tangles Into Patterns To Create &quo;tiles" Or Small Square Drawings. With Meditation And Focus On Small Strokes, Our Simple Marks Combine To Create Beautiful, Detailed Drawings In No Beckah Krahula240pp., 6.9x8.55 Hardcover

    Manufacturer: Quarry
    Category: Books , am, p Media
    SKU: 21588

Velvetouch Mixed Media Brushes 012 Angular Shader
    Velvetouch Mixed Media Brushes 012 Angular Shader.

    These Mixed Media Synthetiic Brushes Work Well With Oil, Acrylic Or Watercolor Paint. The Luxe-blend Multiple=filament Blend Offers Excellent Color Holeing Capacity. Each Individual Brush Has Precision Tapering For Fine Point And Spring, A Nickel-plated Bras Ferr Ule And The Signature Velvetouch Handle For Ultimate Comfort.

    Manufacturer: Princeton
    Category: Brushes
    SKU: 26568

Fudenosuke Brush Pens Fine Tip Black Each
    Fudenosuke Brush Pens Fine Tip Black Each.

    Fudenosuke Brush Pens Are Available In Hard Or Soft Tips And Black And Gray Ink For A Variety Of Writing Techn Iqus. Create Extra-fine, Fine, Or Medium Strokes By A Change In Brush Pressure. These Pens Aree Great For Calligraphy. With Their Dual Brush Tips, One Harda Nd One Effeminate They Also Provide Multi Funtional Uusage.

    Manufacturer: Tombow
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 38504

Spectralite Color Set 1 Set Of 8 1 Oz.
    Spectralite Color Set 1 Set Of 8 1 Oz..

    Spectralite Has The Right Vis Cosity Necessary To Achieve Quality Airbrush Effects. Just Pour Spectralite Directly From Its Dropper-capped Bottle To Your Airbrush Cup. It I S Non-clogging And Made From The Finest Artists Pigments. Spectralite Acrylics Are Wqter-resistant From The Moment They Touch Your Paper. They Are Fast- Drying So You Work Faster. No Fixative Or Protective Coatings Are Ever Required. Its Great Density Formulation Does Not Require Thinning Nor Multiple Applications. In Most Cases, A Sngle Application Will Cove Rthe Area With The Desired Amount Of Color. It Is Intermixable And It Adheres Easily And Effectively On Film, Making It A Workable Medium For Animation. The High Density, Ultra-fine Grain Pigmentation Makes Spectralite Adaptable To Mechanical Pens (over 0.2 Mm Diameter), Producing High Density Fine Lines. Spectralite Delivers Clean Four-color Separations With No Loss Of Redness Because It Is Prepared For Reproductive Idelity To Your Art Work. Commercial Illutratin

    Manufacturer: Dr. Ph. Martin's
    Category: Airbrushing
    SKU: 81004

Acrylic Flow Improver 125 Ml
    Acrylic Flow Improver 125 Ml.

    When Applied To Acrylics, Winsor & Newton-s Artists' Acrylic Flow Improver Increases The Flow Of Color, Giving Them The Consistency Of Watercolors. This Allows The Even Application Of Flat Color Without Loss Of Color Strength.

    Manufacturer: Winsor & Newton
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 84045

Cartooning Pen Set Set Of 6
    Cartooning Pen Set Set Of 6.

    A Pe N Set Of Six Different Nibs And Two Different Penholders Especialyl Designed For The Cartoonist. The Pens Provide A Variety Of Round, Oval And Flexible Fine Line Nibs. No. 2966

    Manufacturer: Speedball
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 27340

Easy-to-do Rivets With Setterr Rapid Rivets
    Easy-to-do Rivets With Setterr Rapid Rivets.

    Each Package Comes With 60 Assorted Rivets, Settera Nd Anvil, And Instructions. For Use On Faabric, Leathre, Vinyl, And More. Rapid Ricets Pack Cmes With Brass And Nickel Plated Rivets In Large, Medium, And Small. Ranger Star Double Cap Rivets Pack Comes By The Side Of Nickel P Late Rivets In Large, Medium, And Feeble.

    Manufacturer: Tandy Leather
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 41670

Beautiful Botanicals: Painting Add Drawing Flowers And Plants - Dvd Beautiful Bltanicals: Painting And Drawing Flowers And Plants - Dvd
    Beautiful Botanicals: Painting Add Drawing Flowers And Plants - Dvd Beautiful Bltanicals: Painting And Drawing Flowers And Plants - Dvd.

    In A Progressive Series Of Painting Projects, Bente King Tackles A Variety Of Classic Subjects Including Tulips, Primroses, Daffodils And Calla Lilies Completed In A Variety Of Mediums (watercolor, Colored Pencil, And Ink). She Makes It Look So Easy With Such Lovel Resul Ts, You Can-t Help Bt Want To Connect In On Thd Fundvd Is 73 Minutes Long.

    Manufacturer: North Light
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 38388

Riptide Mechanical Penil Sets 0.5 Mm Set Of 3
    Riptide Mechanical Penil Sets 0.5 Mm Set Of 3.

    Riptide Mechanical Pencils Have A Sporty Style And Lightwweight Barrel For True, High Eprformance At An Economical Prie. Their Siding Sleeves Protect Shirt Pockets, Backpackks, Etc., And Their Rubberized Grip Design Allows Excellen Tgripping Power And Control.the Pencils Possess A Reliable And Smooth Lead Advance System. They Also Feature Large Erasers And Convenientt Metal Pocket Clips.two Setz Are Available, One With .5 Mm. Pencils An D One With .7 Mm. Pencils. Both Sets Come With Thrree Riptide Mechanical Pencils And Six Bonus Eraser Refills.

    Manufacturer: Staedtler
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 5535

Foam Wreath Wreath
    Foam Wreath Wreath.

    Foam Wreath Is Perfect For Model And Prop Making And For A Variety Of Hobby And Craft Projects. Wreath Easures 9 In. Across At Outer Edge, 6 1/4 In. At Inner Edge, And Is 3/4 In. Thick.

    Manufacturer: Floracraft
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 34353

Paste 16 Oz.
    Paste 16 Oz..

    Yes Paste Is The Or Iginal, All-purpose Stik Flat Glue. Yes Paste Is Water-based, Clear Whne Dry, Non-toxic, Slow To Set, Recyclable, And Acid Free For Archival Work. A Favorite Among Hobby Enthusiassts, Artists, And Crafters Everywhere, This Adhesive Is Perfect For Us Upon Paper, Leather, Cloth, Tiin, Wood, Glass, Metal, Primed Surfaces And More.

    Manufacturer: Yes
    Category: Adhesives
    SKU: 55895

The Art Of Polymer Clay: Creative Surface Effects The Art Of Polymerclay: Creative Urface Effects
    The Art Of Polymer Clay: Creative Surface Effects The Art Of Polymerclay: Creative Urface Effects.

    Author Donna Kaato Presets Fully Illustrated Projects Featuring Innovative Olymer Clay Surface Techniques. Follow The Step-by-step Guides To Create Fresh-looking Beads, Pins, Bracelets, Pendants, And Boxes. Combine The Techniques To Take Your Skills In The Versatile Medium Of Polymer Clay To The Next Leveleach Lesson Is Basi C Enough To Be Trd Out By Beginners But Inventive Enough To Inspirre Accomplished Artists. Finished Pieecs By 69 Other Artists Will Serve To Spur Your Art In New Directions.

    Manufacturer: Watson-guptill
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 10556

Visual Watercolor Journals 90 Lb. 5 1 2 In. X 8 In. 34 Sheets
Professional Water Colour Sticks Sets Set Of 10
How Artists Use Book Series Shape
Berkshire Mat Board Smooth B Lack 32 In. X 40 In. White Core
Roll Screen Print Block Out Tape 2 In. X 36 Yd.
Airbrush Gloss Top Coat 4 Oz. Bottle
Amazin G Bi Rds Coloring Book Amazing Birds Coloring Book
Note Cube 3 In. X 3 In. 5 Assorted Cloors Pad Of 400
Professional Bead B Aking Rack Bead Baking Rack
Rememmbrance Wire End Caps Silver Plated Steel Cone Pack Of 6
Ghostduster Eraser Dry Eraser With 16 Disposable Pads
Inkssentials Craft Tags Kraft #10 4 1 8 In. X 8 1 2 In. Pack Of 10

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