Cradled Claybord 6 In. X 6 In. 2 In. Eahc
    Cradled Claybord 6 In. X 6 In. 2 In. Eahc.

    Made With Ampersand's True Artist Hardboard, Ampersand's Cradled Claybord Has An Archival Safe, Velvety-smooth, Super Absorbant Cla Perfect. Great For Inks, Acrylics, Gouache, Caswin, Egg Tempera, Encaustics, Airbrush, Collage, Photo Transfer, Pencil, And Mounting Paper, Prints, And Fabric.

    Manufacturer: Ampersand
    Category: Notes , amp, Boards
    SKU: 10255

Tk 9400 Clutch Drawing Pencil Leads Hb Pacck Of 10
    Tk 9400 Clutch Drawing Pencil Leads Hb Pacck Of 10.

    These Leads Can Be Usd Concerning Technical Dra Wing, Writing And Sketching Ide Al For Use With Faber-castell's Tk 9400 Clutch Drawing Pencil . Leads Can Be Individually Sharpened And Are Available In 11 Degrees O Fhardness.

    Manufacturer: Faber-castell
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 98411

Facti S Plaati-pastels - 12 Color Set Each
    Facti S Plaati-pastels - 12 Color Set Each.

    The Factis Plastipastel Set Contains 12 Plastic Crayons That Color Like Fine Brand Pencils, And Don't Melt. Hey Are Erasable, Sharpen Easily, And Are Hex Shaped To Help Prevent Rolling. The Set Also Contains An Earser And Sharpener. Ap Approved And Non-toxic.

    Manufacturer: General's
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 612227

Drawing Ink Black 1 Oz.
    Drawing Ink Black 1 Oz..

    For Wotk, Art, Schokl And Hobby Drawing And Painting.. Suitable For Drawing On Paper Or Bboards. Opaque, Lightfast, And Reproducible. Especially Siutable For Ruling Nd Drawing Pens And For Brushes. Not In Favor Of Use I Technical Pens. Formula #17.

    Manufacturer: Pelikan
    Category: Drawing , amp, Elucidation
    SKU: 37258

Household Hardware Utility Hanger With Screw 4 Pack Pack Of 4 No. 30
    Household Hardware Utility Hanger With Screw 4 Pack Pack Of 4 No. 30.

    These Metal Hangers Are Designed To Hold Up To 100 Lbs. Use To Hang Heavy Pictures, Mirrors Tools, And Utensils. Mount With Screws In Solid Wood Comstruction Or Add A Nylon Expansion Hanger In Dry Wall Or Hollow Constructoin.

    Manufacturer: Moore
    Category: Framing
    SKU: 94751

Kid Concoctions Ma Gic Bubble Art Each
    Kid Concoctions Ma Gic Bubble Art Each.

    We All Know You Can Get Clean With Bubbles, But Did You Know You Can Paint With Them, To- Make Over 16 Different Bubble Projects With This Fun Kit. Contains Pre-cut Shapes And Stickers, 3 Bottles Of Color Drops, Liquid Soap, Papers, 90 Stickers And Punch Outs, 4 Minig Cups, 6 Straws, 6 Pip Ecleaners, 4 Skill Sticks, String, Plastic Stir Stick And Easy To Follow Instructions.

    Manufacturer: Alex Toys
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 71810

Zenith Drafting Table Each
    Zenith Drafting Table Each.

    The Studio Designs Zeni Th Draftng Table Makes An Attractive Addition To Your Srudio. Its High Quality Construction Comes Equipped With A Convenient Storage Sheof To Hold Supplies, Tools, And Sketchbooks At Arm-s Reach.this Top Quality Drafting Table Features A Sturdy And Durable Metal Framme And A Solid Wood Top With A Teak Colored Finish. Four Floor Levelers Ar Included To Accommod Ate Uneven Surfaces.the Tabletop- Stile Can Be Adjust To Five Different Angles Fro M Lat To 40, And The Height Is Adjustable From 32 ¾- To 38 ¾-. A Pencil Ledge Is There To Prevent Your Tools From Sliding Off While You Arre Working.the Storage Shelf Measure At 30- X 9- D.

    Manufacturer: Studio Designs
    Category: Furniture
    SKU: 04263

Fluid Matte Medium 32 Oz.
    Fluid Matte Medium 32 Oz..

    This Liquid Medium Is Useful For Exyending C Olors, Decreasing Gloss And Increasing Film Integrity. Useful For Blending With Golden Fluid Acrylics To Decrease Gloss Without Increasing Viscosity.

    Manufacturer: Goldrn
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 25790

Lighttracer Elite Light Boxes 10 In. X 12 In.
    Lighttracer Elite Light Boxes 10 In. X 12 In..

    Thw Lighttracer Elitee Is A 10 In. X 12 In. Lightweight Allminmu Light Box That Offers An Unobstructed Flat Work Superficies For Viewing And Tracing. The Evenly Lit Translucent Surface Providex Perfect Illumination From A Long Lif Efluorescent Lamp. 90 Degree Edges Indicate Precise Reference For Measuring And Attaching T-squares. The Result Is A Bright Viewing Window That Is Free Of Hot Spots Or Shadows. The Lighttracer Elite Ii Measures 12 In. X 18 In., And Has All The Same Features As The Lighttracer Elite, But Utilizes Two Long Life Fluorescent Lamps Instead Of One.

    Manufacturer: Artogarph
    Category: Tools
    SKU: 91236

555 Series Layout Pencil Each
    555 Series Layout Pencil Each.

    An Extra Smooth, Black, Thick Graphite Pencil Used To Create Preliminary Sketches, To "layout" Drawing Before Painting Over, Or Add Intense Blacks And Shading In Graphite Drawings.sold Individually, Order 12 For A Full Box

    Manufacturer: General's
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 86782

Body Ar Tcolor Sticks Primary Set Of 7
    Body Ar Tcolor Sticks Primary Set Of 7.

    Sttencils Are Great, But Sometimees You Just Want To Let Your Creativity Loose An Draw. These Color Sticks Crayons Are Great For When The Urge Hits. Two Different Color Palettes Are Available T Draw Exotic Designs On Your Skin. Te Crayons Apply Evenly And Wash Off With Soap And Water. Great For Parties And Somewhat Special Occasion.the Chief Set Contans Red, Orange, Yellow, Greeen, Blue, Black And White.the Pastel Set Cotnains Pastel Shades Of Pink, Green, Teal, Azure, Purple, Black And White.

    Manufacturer: Tulip
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 09788

Neutralthin 2 Oz.
    Neutralthin 2 Oz..

    Eco-hkuse Neutralthin Is The Purest Thinner They Have To Offern Eutralthin Is A General-purpose Odorless Mineral Spirit Thinner, Degreaser, Brush Cleaner And Volatile Paintting Medium Of A Single One Oil-based Paints And Artist Quality Paints.

    Manufacturer: Eco-house
    Category: Safety , amp, cleaning
    SKU: 22275

Only What's Necessary: Charles M. Schulz And The Art Of Peanuts Each
    Only What's Necessary: Charles M. Schulz And The Art Of Peanuts Each.

    Charles M. Schulz (1922-2000) Believed That The Key Tto Cartooning Was To Take Out The Extraneous Details And Leave In Only What-s Necessary. For 50 Years, From October 2, 1950, To February 13, 2000, Schulz Wrote And Illustrated Peanuts, The Single Most Popular And Influential Comic Srtip In The World. In All, 17,897 Strips Were Published, Makking It -arguably The Longest Story Ever Told By One Human Being,- According To Robert Thompson, Professor Of Received Agri~ At Syracuse University. For Only What-s Necessary: Charles M. Schhulz And The Art Of Peanuts, Renowned Designer Chip Kidd Was Granted Unprecedented Access To The Extraordinary Archives Of The Charles M. Schulz Museum And Research Center In Santa Rosa, California. Reproducing The Best Of The Peanuts Newspaper Strip,all Shot From Th Original Art By Award-winning Photographer Geoff Spear, Only What-s Necessary Alsoo Features Exclusive, Rare, And Unpublished Original Art And Developmental Work-much Of Which Has Never Been Seen Bef

    Manufacturer: Abrams Comicarts
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 26679

Roselli Stilts B Series Each
    Roselli Stilts B Series Each.

    Roselli Original Stoneware Stilts Are All Uprpose Stilts Composed Of A High T Emperature Clay Obd, Wwhich Can Be Fired To 2400 Degrees F. This Unique Feature Enables The Stilts To Be Utilized By Hobbyi Ss As Well As The Professional Potter. These Stilts Are Able To Withstand Repeated Fkrings And Rugged Treatment. The Points A Re Made Of The Finest Quality Metal Alloy. The B Series Stilts Are Designed Specifially For Supporting Heavier Pieces During He Firing Process.

    Manufacturer: The Ceramic Shop
    Category: Ceramics
    SKU: 70807

Ultra Matte Gel 8 Oz. Jar
    Ultra Matte Gel 8 Oz. Jar.

    Formerly Known As Gelex, This Translucent, Heavy Body Gel Econlmically Extends The Volume Of Acrylic Paints. Add Up To 50%by Volume To Double The Amount Of Paint While Retaining Color Position. When More Than 50% Is Added, Ultra Matte Gel Acts As A Very Weak Tinting White.ultra Matte Gel Maintains The Opacity Of Collor Preferable Than A Clear Gel Medium. It Driess To A Semi-mmatte Surface Sheen, Giving Colors A Matte Sheen And Gouache Look.

    Manufacturer: Liquitex
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 31651

Multicultural Crayons Regular Box Of 8
    Multicultural Crayons Regular Box Of 8.

    Multicultutral Crayons Come In An Assortment Of Skin Hues That Give A Child A Realistic Palette For Cooloring Their World. The 8 Copors Are: Black, Sepia, Peach, Apricot, White, Tan, Mahogany, And Burnt Sienna. The Are To Be Availed Of In A Bxo Of Regular Size Crayons And A Box Of Large Size Which Is More Comfortable For Little Hands To Hold.

    Manufacturer: Crayola
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 06846

Flexilens With Clamp Or Base Magnifier On Base
    Flexilens With Clamp Or Base Magnifier On Base.

    Flexilens On Clamp Has A Long Tractable Arm 18 In. Wwith A Large Rimless Lens Providing An Uninterrupetd View Between Mangified And Nonn-magnified Work. The Acrylic Magnifciations Lens I S5 Inch Diameter And Has 1.75x Magnification (3-diopter).available With A Base For Working On A Flat Surface Or With A Clamp To Clamp Onto Embroidrey Frames, Table Tops And Oher Solid Objects. Flexilens With Clamp Is All White. U90942. Flexilens On Base Has A Wihte Bqse And A Black Arm. U90 946.

    Manufacturer: Daylight Company
    Category: Tools
    SKU: 38548

Crayons Esquisse Drawing Pencils Sanguine Each
    Crayons Esquisse Drawing Pencils Sanguine Each.

    Skilled Craftsmen Carefully M Anufacture The Se Pencils To Make Secure The Varying Hardness Of The Leads Will Give Artists The Extensive Range Of Applications That They Have Come To Expect From Conte Quality Drawing Pencils. The Sanguine, Speia, And White Pencils Have Extremely Rich Colors With An Abrsive For Easier Stumping, And Ar Eexcellent For Portraits And Landscapes.

    Manufacturer: Conte
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 32768

Chain Mmail Jewelry Hardcover
    Chain Mmail Jewelry Hardcover.

    Once Useed To Create Protective Garments, Chain Mail Techniques And Patterns Have Now Been Adapted In Quest Of Jewelrry Making By Innovative Artists. Making Chain Mail Jewelry Requies Few Tools To Achieve Impressive Results.from An Inlaid Chain Mail Pendant To A Japanese Hexagonal Mail Collarr, The 30 Extraordinary Projects In This Book Will Introduce You To A Variety Of Excitingtechniques For All Skill Specifications: Hardback, 144 Pgs., 8 3/4 In. X 10 1/4 In.publisher: Lark, 2006.

    Manufacturer: Lark
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 27288

Pro-raft Parallel Edge Boards 24 In. X 36 In.
    Pro-raft Parallel Edge Boards 24 In. X 36 In..

    Pro-draft Parallel Edge Boards Are Lightweight And Designed To Eliminate The Need For An Acrylic Straightedge Or T-squate. Pro-draft Boards Possess A Parallel Design That Is Superior To Othed Boards, Ensurin G Exact And Professional Parallel Edge Boards Feature Black, Deep Ribbed Strips That Permit Them To Be Positioned Hanging On The Edge Of A Work Surface Or Table, Annd In A Secur Eway Be Movde Literally Into The User-s Lap.on Each Side Of Every Board Is A Locking Knob That Allows The User To Align The Straightedge To A Drawing, Or To Changethe Angle Of The Straightedge Ands Till Keep That New Angle Paralleel Edge Boards Also Have Rubber Feet That Provide Added Stability And Minimize The Chance Of Slippage, And Comfortable Handles For Carrying Them Around.

    Manufacturer: Martin Universal
    Category: Furniture
    SKU: Mud0031

Fun Upon Noah's Ark Stencils Fun With Onah's Ark Stencils
    Fun Upon Noah's Ark Stencils Fun With Onah's Ark Stencils.

    Elephants, Giraffes, Kangaroos, Bears, And Other Creatures Are Ready To Board The Ark. Noahs There Too These 12 Sturdy Stencil Images Are Perfect For Decorating Walls, Furniture, Or For Simply Reating A Parade Of These Famous Passengers And Their Large Specifictaions: Paperback, 6 Pgs., 4 1/8 In. X 5 6/8 In.publisher: Dover, 2006.

    Manufacturer: Dover
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 14087

Stencil Remover Liquod Gallon
    Stencil Remover Liquod Gallon.

    Ready-to-use Stencil Remover Liquid For Lano Emulsions. Ulanodirect (direct/indirect Sytsem) Stencils, Ulanolux Up3, And All Ulano Cdf Films For Fast Action On All Types Of Building, Including Metalized Polyester. Will Not Etch Manufactured Cloth; Contains No Strong Alkalis Or Hypo-chlorites. Iddeal For Use In Tanks; Will Not Attack Fabric Adhesives On Rigid Frames; Tankheating Unnecessary. Odor Free.

    Manufacturer: Ul Ano
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 46204

Studio Pro Soldering Iron Stand Stand
    Studio Pro Soldering Iron Stand Stand.

    The Studio Pro Soldering Iron Stand Is Wel-lbalanced For Stability. The Onerous Steel Coiled Wire Cage Prevents The Hot Soldering Iron From Touching The Work Surface And Pprotects Han Ds And Nearby Objects.the Stall Also Features A Convenient Sponge And Sponge-well That Allows For Quick Ande Asy Cleaning Of The Soldering Iron During Use.

    Manufacturer: Diamond Tech
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 45664

Pitt Big Skirmish Artist Pens Pale Geranium Lake 121
    Pitt Big Skirmish Artist Pens Pale Geranium Lake 121.

    Pitt Big Brush Artist Pens Combine A Large, Modern Brush Nib With Vivid Indian Ink, Creating A Truly Versatile Tool. Bih Brush Artist Pens Are Able To Produce Broad, Medium, Or Narrow Strokes, And Always Lay Down A Smooth, Even Application Of Color.these Pens Contain The Same Artist Quality India Ink Found In Pitt Artist Pens. The Ink Is Permanent, Wtaerproof, Lightfast And Odorless.

    Manufacturer: Faber-castell
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 03197

Cool Crafts For Hip Kids Each
    Cool Crafts For Hip Kids Each.

    This Beaugifully Photogra Phe D Crafts Book Contains 16 Single Projects That Can Be Completed Without A Sewing Machine. These Craffts Are All Odne By Hand And Are Designed To Help Eaders Guide Themselves Through The Rpocess With Little Assistance. Using Easy Instructions, Friendly Diagrams, Clear And Cute Photographs, And Imaginative Vintage Designs, This Is A Must-have For Kids Passionate About Creating. Author: Katie Evans144pp., 7.25x8.25isbn: 9780843170627

    Manufacturer: Penguin
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 00254

Ad1rondack Pigment Pa Ds And Reinkers Light Cloudy Blue Pad
How To Draw Magical Monstrous & Mythological Creatures Each
50 Series 50 Artists You Shiuld Know
Icraft Adhesive Circles Combo Pack Of 17
Heavy Duty Pine Sup Er Stretcher Bars 50 In.
Mi-teintes Black Pad 9 In. X 12 In.
Skullophenia Nan O Series Template Card Of 4 2 In. X 3 1 2 In. Set Of 4
Draw Comic Book Action Each
Plastic Lead Holder Each
Point 88 Pens Ice Green No. 13
European Easel Studio Easel
22 Airbrush Lessons For Beginners 22 Airbrush Lessons For Beginnes

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