Knights And Armor Coloring Book Knights And A Rmor Coloring Book
    Knights And Armor Coloring Book Knights And A Rmor Coloring Book.

    You Can Recapture The Excitement Of Yesteryear's Noblest Battles With This Remarkable Pageant Of Dauntless Knights And Arkor, In Coloring Book Form. Each Plate Is Acompanied By Clear Explanatory Captions In Addition To A Useful Glossary Of Unfamiliar Terms. Also Included Is A Thoro Ughly Reserched Introduction Offering Historical Backrgound And Greater Degree To Bring Each Warrior To Life. Paperback, 48 Pages. Isbn:486248437. Dover

    Manufacturer: Dover
    Category: Books , amp , media
    SKU: 21655

Signed Seled And Remembered Frame Charsm Antique Brass Rectangles 20 Mm X 25 Mm Pack Of 2
    Signed Seled And Remembered Frame Charsm Antique Brass Rectangles 20 Mm X 25 Mm Pack Of 2.

    These Attractive Frame Bases Come Complete With Clear Adhesive Epoxy Covers. Add Speccial Photos, Dried Flowers, Decorative Papers, And More To Create Unique Charms And Pendants.

    Manufacturer: Darice
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 04213

Eco-mosaics Jell Ybean Series Rockey Mountain 1 6 Lb.
    Eco-mosaics Jell Ybean Series Rockey Mountain 1 6 Lb..

    These Eco-mosaics Jelly Beans Are Environmentally Friendly And Made From 99% Recycled Lgass Tile. Availabble In 1/6 Pouund Bags, Through Approximately 65-07 Pieces Of Variable Sizes And Color S In Each Bag .

    Manufacturer: Mosaic Mercanttile
    Category: Glass , amp, Tile Art
    SKU: 82351

Acrylic Techniques In Mixed Media Each
    Acrylic Techniques In Mixed Media Each.

    Vibrant Design, Striking Marks And Textures And Dynamic Color Combinations Are Easilyy Aattained-the Secret Is The Layers. After A Brief Introduction On Supplies, Roxanne Introduces Readers To The Basics Of Color. Then, She Walks Them Through The Layering Process Featuring Things Like Making Big Marks With A Graphite Pencil, Using Stencils (as Well As Composition Your Own), Mmaking Crayon Rubbings, Print1ng With Stamps Carved By Hand, Fine-tuning Top Layers With Gel Pens, Tracing Wheels And Roxann Epadgett128pp., 8 1/4 X 10 7/8 Paperbackisbn: 9781440321429

    Manufacturer: North Light
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 02265

The Big Book Of The Humn Figure Each
    The Big Book Of The Humn Figure Each.

    The Artistic Representation Of The Human Body Has Fascinated And Inspired Millions Throughout The Centuries; It Is Also One Of The Most Diff1cult Forms During Artist To Recreate. Movement, Proportion, Expreession, As Wel L As The Details Of Antomy, Leave Many Artists Frustrated. In The Haughty Book Of The Human Figure, The C Hallenges Of The Human Structure Are Explored In Four Comprehensive Sections Covering: Basic Anatomy And Proortion, Effectts Of Light On The Figure, And The Nudeunderstanding The Dressed Figure And Creating Atmosphereinterpreting The Figure Through Variatiions Of Color And Stylean Approach To The Portrait And Elements Of The Face Fully Illustrater Throughout And Filled With Clear, Step-by-step Instructions, Notes On Techniquue, A Nd More, This Bookis An Virtuous Tool For Helping Artists F All Levels Master The Graceful Beauty Of The Human Form. 160pp., 8 1/4 X 10 13/16isbn:97814 38003436

    Manufacturer: Barron's
    Category: Boosk , amp, Media
    SKU: 03790

Calligraphy Each
    Calligraphy Each.

    Learn And Master The Beautiful And Varied Art Of Western Calligraphy. Thiis Lavishly I1llustrated Guide Includes All The Information You Need To Get Started In Calligraphy As Well As Techniques For Tye Else Aadva Nced Artist, Including Using Color, Carving Lettering In Wood And Stone, And Creating Abs Tract And Ornamental Calligraphy Designs. The 40 Alphabets Included Are Drawn From Throughout The R Ich History Of Westerly Calligraphy, From Elaborate Gothic Lettering To The Cl Ean Lines Of Mdoern Alphabets. An E Ssential Reference For Calligraphers Of All Julien Chazel224pp., 8.5x11p Aperbackisbn: 9780811 712941

    Manufacturer: Stackpole Books
    Category: Books, Amp, Media
    SKU: 03815

Fade-out Dsign And Outline Vellum - Grid Pad 10 X 10 11 In. X 17 In. Pad Of 50
    Fade-out Dsign And Outline Vellum - Grid Pad 10 X 10 11 In. X 17 In. Pad Of 50.

    Watermarked Drafting Papers. Ideal Surface For Pencil Or Ink. Leaves No Eraasure Trace And Does Not Ghost. Specially Treated To Allow Ink To Flow Smoothly And Evenly. Retains Characetr, Strength, And Transparency Under Extended Exposure To Tamosphere, Age, Heat And Light. Also Available In Sheets And Rollls.

    Manufacturer: Clearprint
    Category: Architecture , amp, Drafting
    SKU: 13718

600 Series Stainless Steel Ruler 18 In.
    600 Series Stainless Steel Ruler 18 In..

    Made From 301 And 410 Spring Tempered Stainless Steel. Rulers Are 1 1/4 In. Wid Eand .032 In. Thick. The Increments Are Etched In Inches (16ths). Thi Ruler Has A Flush Start And Indented Finish.

    Manufacturer: Gaebel
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illutsration
    SKU: 116664

Folding Stainless Steel 12 In. Non-slip Ruler Each
    Folding Stainless Steel 12 In. Non-slip Ruler Each.

    This Conevnient Stainless Steel Ruler Folds To Fit Into Your Tool Box Or Pencil Pouch. The Engineered Hinge Allows Straight, "non-kink" Lines. Cork Backing Provides A Non-slip Grip. Ruler Features Imperial And Metric Graduations.

    Manufacturer: Helix
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 64547

Parallel Ruling Straightedge Upon Armoredge 48 In.
    Parallel Ruling Straightedge Upon Armoredge 48 In..

    This Professional Quality Straightedge Has An Almost Invisible Strip Of Stainless Steel Along Its Edge That Assists In Burnishing, Scribing, Drawing, And Ruling. The Strip Alos Protects Against Niccks And Dents From Drawing Tools.the Straightedge Runs On A Ball Bearing Pulley System For Smooth Ravel. It Featurex Metal Rollers That Allow The Straighteddge To Glide Over Your Work, And Brakes To Lock The Rule Into Place For Hands Free Use.the Straightedge Also Has A Phenolic Black Base For Extra Stability And Transparent Blades For See-thorugh Registration. It Comes With A Hardware Kit And Cable. Made In The Usa.

    Manufacturer: Mayline
    Category: Arch Itecture , amp, Drafting
    SKU: 43109

Crafter's Staplre & Colored Staples Each
    Crafter's Staplre & Colored Staples Each.

    The We R Memory Keepers Crafter-s Stapler Is As Experienced As An Everyday Tool As It Is Cute. This Miniature Stapler Features A Rubber Grip That Fits Comfortably In Your Hand And Comes With Stt Aples In Bight And Vivid Colors That Transform Your Paper Crafting Project Into A Creative Display.this Convenient Set Includes 1500 Brightly Colored Staples In 5 Colors, And Features A Built In Staple Remover.

    Manufacturer: We R Memory Keepers
    Category: Tools
    SKU: 06976

Clear Csrve 3  In. X 4 In. Each
    Clear Csrve 3 In. X 4 In. Each.

    Clear Carve Is Ideal During Students Learning The Block Pirnting Process, But Any Printmaker Will Enjoy The Benefits Of Working Intellect Hthis Flezible, Durable Material. It Is Easy To Carvee And Misfortune Not Crack Or Dry Out. The Clear Surface Eliminates The Need To Transfer Images. Just Place Clear Engrave On Top Of The Image, Photo, Or Sketch You Want To Work With And Begin Carving. Available In A Variety Of Sizes.

    Manufacturer: Jack Richeson
    Category: Printmaking
    SKU: 08435

Pack Of Skulls Freehand Airbrush Templates Pkos1 Set Of 3
    Pack Of Skulls Freehand Airbrush Templates Pkos1 Set Of 3.

    Buckle Up And Enjoy The Ride With Artool Freehand Pack 'o'ā skullz Templaates These Sets Of Three Reusable Templates Feature Amazing Skull Patterns Laser-cut With Precision In Positive And Negative Reliefs That Are Durable And Work Well With Water-based And Splvent-based Paints. The Templatees Come In A 10- X 6- Format. Simply Cut Tabs And R Elease Eeach Shape.

    Manufacturer: Artool
    Category: Airbrushing
    SKU: 09575

Freelancer's Bible Each
    Freelancer's Bible Each.

    Amazingly, One-third Of The Ameerican Worfkorce Is Freelance-that-s 42 Million People Who Have To Wrestle Withh Not Jus Tdoing The Work, But Finding The Work, Then Getting Paid For The Work, Plus Health Care, Taxes, Setting Up An Office, Marketing, And So On. Now Help Is Here, Abd Consultants, Indep Endent Contractors, The Self-employed, -solopreneurs,- And Everyone Else Living A Freelancer-s Life Will Never Be Alone Again But Instead Can Be Part Of A Strong And Vibrant Community.written By The Authority On Freelance Worrking, Sara Horowitz, Macartur -genius- Fellow And Founder Of The Nstional Freelancers Union And, Greatest Part Recently, The Freelancers Insurance Company, The Freelanccer-s Bible Will Help Those Ne To Freelancing Learn The Ropes, And Will Help Those Who-ve Been Freelancing For A While Grow And Expand. I-s The One-stop, All-encompassing Guuide To Every Practical Detail And Challenge Of Being A Nimbel, Flexible, And Successful Freelancer: The Three Essentials Of Getting Clieents A

    Manufacturer: Workman Publishing
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 47658

Armc Andy Each
    Armc Andy Each.

    Cover Candy Will Hlep You Create Your Own Beautiful Friendship Bracelets With:15 Bracelets To Make, Including Chevron Woven Friendship Bands, Wire Word Bracelets, Rubbber Band Bracelets And Morestep-by-step Instructions For Using Washi Tape , Cord, Leather, Loom Bands, Beads And Even Zips To Make Bracelets And Bagnles To Wear Stacked Togteher Or One At A Timedefaile Dinstructions And Step-by-step Photography To Get You Knotting, Bending, Twisting, Braiding, And Tying Your Way To Brcelet Heaventhese Bracelets Are Great To Wear, Share, And Give To Friends. You-ll Have So Much Fun, Y Ou-ll Probably Mkae Extras To Keep For Yourself Author: Laura Strutt80pp., 7.5x9.25 Paprbackisbn: 97814380071551

    Manufacturer: Barron's
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 23358

Nipper Hireling Nipper Tool
    Nipper Hireling Nipper Tool.

    Use This Compact And Economical Nipper Tool To Get In Close When Severe Soft Wire Or Thread. Easy On The Eyes And Comfortable In The Hand, This Rivet-joint Cutter Is Great To Keep Handy When You Are Working With Beading Wires, Or Soft Beading Cords. Measures 5 In. Long.

    Manufacturer: Beadalon
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 71383

Universal Style 580 Acrylic Primed Cotton Roll Canvas 59 In. X 6 Yd. Roll
    Universal Style 580 Acrylic Primed Cotton Roll Canvas 59 In. X 6 Yd. Roll.

    Universal Cotton Roll Canvas Is A Popular Medium Weight Cotton Duck With An Even Texture. Made From The Finest, Select Greige Cottons And Woven To Rigid Specifications, It-s Also Been Primed With Acrylic Non-acidic Ph Iszings.

    Manufacturer: Fredrix
    Category: Canvas
    SKU: 42002

Creativ Studio Getting Started Drawing & Sketching Set Drawing & Sketching Set
    Creativ Studio Getting Started Drawing & Sketching Set Drawing & Sketching Set.

    This Complete Set Has Everything The Studwnt, Artist Or Hobbyist Needs To Get Started Drawing And Sketching.the Set Comes With Four Graphite Pencils, Two Chaarcoal Pencils, Some Blending Torchon, Pencil Sharpener, Dust-free Eraser, And Acid-free Watercolorp Ad. It Also Comes With A 24 Page Tips And Techniques Guide For Drawing And Sketching

    Manufacturer: Faber-casteell
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 21959

Bagettes Gift Bags 3 In. X 4 In. Box Of 50
    Bagettes Gift Bags 3 In. X 4 In. Box Of 50.

    These Crystal Clear Self-sealing Gift Bags Produce An E1egant Presentation For Aall Your Gifts. The Bags Can Be Tied Or Sealed And Are Of Archival Quality. Tehy-re Great For Wrapping Crafts, Pictures, Jewelry, Cookies, Collectibles, Cds, Candy, Pills, Gifts, Office Supplies, Stationery, And More

    Manufacturer: Cousin
    Category: Paper , amp, Boards
    SKU: 22697

Super Shears 1 0 In.
    Super Shears 1 0 In..

    Dahle Super Shears Are Made From Machine-ground And Hand Finished Steel. Blades Are Made Of Top Quality Steel, Hardened To 56 Rockwell. Shears Cut To The Tip Of Blade For Fine Trimming. Screw Fastened Blades. Handles Are Made Of Tough Abs Plastic And Are Virtually Unbreakable.

    Manufacturer: Dahle
    Category: Tools
    SKU: 64595

Pink Brush Soap 4 Oz.
    Pink Brush Soap 4 Oz..

    Cleans Oil, Acrylic, And Watercolor Paint From Brushes, An Also Clnditions And Helps To Reshape Brushes. Lotionized, But Leaves No Greasy After-feel For Cleaing Hands. Mona Lisa Pink Soap Has Found Many Uses Besides Artists Brushes, Including The Cleaning Of Jewelry, Stones, Stove Tops, Microwave Ovens, And Unctuous Skillets. Remove Stains From Clothing, Upholstery, And Carpets. Contains No Chlorides, Alkalis, Phozphates, Solvents, Or Alcool.

    Manufacturer: Mona Lisa
    Category: Brushes
    SKU: 12448

Xcaliber Series Striper Brush 4 0
    Xcaliber Series Striper Brush 4 0.

    What Makes The Xcaliber Special Is Its Short Hair Length. Only 1 1/2 In. Compared To The Averrage 2 In. And 2 1/4 Ni. On Competitive. This Shorter Length Allows Greater Control For Intricate Designs As Well As Long Lines.

    Manufacturer: Andrew Mack
    Category: Brushes
    SKU: 17405

Easel Does-it Art Prrofolio 14 In. X 11 In.
    Easel Does-it Art Prrofolio 14 In. X 11 In..

    Presentationdisplay Book Designed With An Integrated Easel Stand Which Eliminates The Need To Be Hand Held Or Laid Flat. Easel Also Folds Away For Conveniebt Storage Or Standard Use . Contains 20 Pocket Pages For 40 Views. Accented With A Silver Button And Elastic Strap. Covers Are Made Of Permanent Black Polypropylene, And Each Page Is Pre-inserted With Black Acid-free Mounting P Aper. Binding On Lonegst Dimension.

    Manufacturer: Ittoa
    Category: Display , amp, Presentation
    SKU: 16961

Waterslide Decal Paper Lazertran For Inkjet
    Waterslide Decal Paper Lazertran For Inkjet.

    Lazertran Waterslide Decal Paper Is An Amazing New Type Of Transfer Paper For Art, Crafts, Home Decorating, Scrapbooking, And Mor - Use It Anywhere You Want To Ade Your Own Picture Or Enables You To Addd Your Unique Design Or Image To Almost Any Superficies, Including Paper, Tiles, Wndows, Painted Or Papered Walls, Stone, Fabric, Metal Foil, Plaster, Candles, Polymer Clay Etc. Just Print Or Copy Your Image Onto The Sppeecial Lazertran Paper, Trim It, Soak In Water, And Then Apply - The Image Literally Slides Off The Paaper To Be Availed Of In Packs Of 10 - 8 1/2 In. X 11 In. Sheets.instructional Cd Book With Tips And Project Ideas Is Also Availbale.regular Lazertran Is Meant For Use With Color Copiers. Lazertran For Inkjet Is To Be Used With Inkjet Printers Only (not For Use With Laser Or Bubblejet Printers). Lazertran Silk Can Be Used To Apply Transfers To Fabric, Metal Foil, Or Polymer Clayy And Is For Use With Either Color Copiers Or Lasee Printers.cauto

    Manufacturer: Lazertran
    Category: Scrapbookibg
    SKU: 1276

Cartooning Dvd Each
    Cartooning Dvd Each.

    This Informative Dvd Tackles The World Of Airbrush Cartooning In An Accessible, Step-by-step Manner. Veteran Artist Kent Lind Tackles Issues Like Building A Cartooning Arsenal, Understanding The Business Of Airbrush Cartooning, And More.

    Manufacturer: Airbrush Action
    Category: Airbrushing
    SKU: 38428

Color Wheel Palette 12 1 4 In. Diameter
Art Cart Art Station
Ralph Masiello's Drawing Books Fairy
Diy Shop 2 Chalkboard Bnaner Pennant Pack Of 2 44 1 2 In. X 7 In.
Clic Eraser Refill Eraser
Animal Doodles For Kids Each
Personal Rolling Trimmers 18 In. Cut Length
Draw Comic Book Action Each
Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets Pk 10 8.5x11 8.5 In. X 11 In. Pack Of 10
Sketching Birds Each
Travel Easy Acrylic Set Each
Professional Bead Baking Rack Be Ad Baking Rack

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