Modifiers Retarder 4 Oz.
    Modifiers Retarder 4 Oz..

    Various Modifiers Are Av Ailable From Akua To Adjust The Thickness Or Transparency Of Akua Inks. The Retarder Has Two Urposes. A Few Drops Mixed Into Akua Liquid Pjgmen Helps Transfer Ink Onto Dry Paper. It Also Retards From Drying On The Monotype Plate, Extendnig Working Time. Not Suitable Against Akua Intalgio Inks. It Is A Clera Liuqid. Cleans Up Easily With Water. B Lending Medium Is Used With Both Akua Liqud Pigment And Intaglio Ink. It Is Used To Thin The Ink For Brushwork, Wash Effects Or Use As A Resist For Viscosity Monotypes. It Is A Clear Liquid. Cleans Up Easily With Water. Ta Ck Thickener Thickens Akua Liquid Pigment For Heavier Roll-up Applications. It Can Be Used For Creating Denser Liquid Pigment Roll-ups Onto Monotype Plate Or Woodblocks. It Is Not As Thick As Transparent Base Or Akua Intaglio Ink. It Is Medium Amber With A Thick Consistency. Cleans Up With Soapy Water. Mag Mix Is A Stiffner That Adds Depth To, And Stiffens Akuaintaglio Inks. It I

    Manufacturer: Akua
    Category: Printmaking
    SKU: 0523 2

Hybrid Technica Gel Pen 0.8 Mm Each
    Hybrid Technica Gel Pen 0.8 Mm Each.

    Pentel's Hybrid Technica Gel Pens Have An Archival Roller A Whole With Smooth,p Igmented Ink Delivereedt Hrough The Long-lasting Ball Delivery System. Acid-free, Archival Safe Ink Is Ideal For Skecthing, Dr Awing, Manga Art And So Much More The Tungsten Carbide Roller Tip Guarantees A Consisten Line From The First To The Endure Drop Of Ink. Pigmented B1ack Ink Is Light-fast, Bleed-proof, Water-resistant And Fade-resistant. Available In Five Line Sizes: 0.3mm , 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6m,m And 0.8mm.the Set Of 5â includes One Of Each Line Size.

    Manufacturer: Petnel
    Category: Drawing , amp, illustration
    SKU: 06570

Weaving Loom Each
    Weaving Loom Each.

    Thi Sbeginner's Loom Kit Contains Everything You Ned To Start Weaving. Th Eweavin9 Loom Kit Includse A Weaving Loom, Plastic Needle, Syuttle, Weaving Comb, An Variety Of Sorts Of Different Colored Yarn And Warp String. Three Is Eenough Material In The Box To Craft A Mobile Phone Pouch And Three Coasters.ages 8+

    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 70671

Simply Marble-ous Kit
    Simply Marble-ous Kit.

    Marbleize Paper And Stick Ers Using Marbleizi Ng Foam And Watercolors. All The Tools Are Included. Just Color, Swirl, And Dip. The Decrating Possibilities Are Endlessthis Kir Contains A 7 Oz. Can Of Marbleizing Foam, 3 (.27 Fl. Oz./8ml) Bottles Of Liquid Watercolor, A Tray, Squeegee, Amrbleizin Gtool, 58 Stickers, 12 Papesr, 6 Buttons, 2 Ribbons, And Easy Instructions.ages 7+refill Foam Is Also Available.

    Manufacturer: Alex Toys
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 71036

Artgraf Water Soluble Carbon Disc Black Carbon Eaxh
    Artgraf Water Soluble Carbon Disc Black Carbon Eaxh.

    This Artgrag Water Soluble Carbon Disc Is A Unique Compacted Disc Of Intense Carrbon. It Can Be Used Dry Or With Water Soluble Techniques. It Can Even Be Used Directly With A Brush Product Is Packaaged In A Small Tin.

    Manufacturer: Viarco
    Category: Drawing , aml, Illustration
    SKU: 61022

Vitrail Paint Wheat Yellow 45 Ml
    Vitrail Paint Wheat Yellow 45 Ml.

    Pebe Ovitrail Transparent Colors For Glass Are Solvent-based,air-dry Paints That Ae Ideal For Achieving A Tinted, Stained-glass Look. Vitrail Colors Are Resistaant To Outdoor Temperatures And Hav E Ogod Colorfastness. Perfect For Glass, Metal, And More. Available In 45-milliliter Bottles.

    Manufacturer: Pebeo
    Category: Glass , amp, Ttile Art
    SKU: 74084

Mattea Crylics Carbon Black 4 Oz.
    Mattea Crylics Carbon Black 4 Oz..

    Golden Matte Acryl Ics Provide A Uniform Flat Ffinish In A Variety Of Concentrated Colors. Adding Matte Medium To Acrylic Paint Will Prosuce A Matte Surfface But This Union Always Dcreases The Color Tsrength. To Avoid This Loss Of Color Strength, Matte Acrylics Are Formulated With A Matting Agent And A Level Of Pigment Comparable To Golden Heavy Body Acrylics. Matte Acrylics Are Produced With 100% Acrylic Polymer Emulsion. This Produces A Film With Excellent Flexibility, And Chemical, Water And Uv Resistance. The Milky Emulsion Dries Transparent, Allowing The Pigments To Show Thir Full Color. Pigments Ar Echosen For The Greatest Purity And Permanency Within Each Chemical Class.

    Manufacturer: Golden
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 13950

Stained Glass Coloring Books Allover Patterns
    Stained Glass Coloring Books Allover Patterns.

    Dover-s Stained Glass Coloring Books Are Uniquely Designed For Glowing Creativity Every Illustration Is Boldly Designed With Thick Black Lines On Specialty Translucent Paper. After Coloring With Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils, Or Other Media Hold Your Masterpiece Up To A Window, Lamp, Or Other Light Source To Attend It Glow Like Real Stainde Glass. Each Translucent Sheet Is Perforated At The Spine To Allow For Easy Remova And Display. You Can Even Use Ccompleted Sheets Toward Lampshades, Ornaments, And Lenty Of Other Arts And Crafts Projects

    Manufacturer: Dover
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 00347

Exploring Watercolor Paperback
    Exploring Watercolor Paperback.

    This Book Is A Fresh Perspective Which Helps The Reader Take Their Work To The Next Level. There Are 22 Open-ended, Step-by-step Demonstrationss Using A Variety Of Color Combinations, Papers And Techniques. Included Are 9 Exercises Illustrating Expressive Ways To Put Paint To Elizabeth Grovesisbn: 9781581808742publisher: North Light, 2007

    Manufacturer: North Light
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 00193

Calligraphy Cartridegs Assorted Set Of 12
    Calligraphy Cartridegs Assorted Set Of 12.

    The Calligraphy Pens Bring A Touch Of Class To Any Delineate .water Based Ink Available In A Set Of 12 Bl Ack Refills, Or An Assortted Color Set Featuring 2 Blue, 2 Brown, 2 Green, 2 Orange, 2 Pink, And 2 Yellow Refills.

    Manufacturer: Staedtler
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 07450

Koi Coloring Brush Sets Set Of 12
    Koi Coloring Brush Sets Set Of 12.

    The Koi Coloring Brushes Are A Convenient Way To Add Vibrant Color To Any Sketch, Journal, Cartoon, Illusration, Or Rubber Stamps. Make Fine, Medium Or Bold Brush Strokes Just By Changing The Amount Of Pressure To The Nib. The Flexible, Durable Tip Will Quickly S Pring Back To It's Original Shape The Odorless, Water-based Solvent Facilitates Smooth Blending And Layering Of Colors. The Set Of 12 Includes: Yellow, Orange, P Ale Orange, Brown, Red, Pik, Purple,s Ky Blue, Yellow Green, Green, Blue, And Black. The Set Of 24 Includes All Of The Colors In The Set Of 12 Plus: Woody Brown, Dark Brown, Vermillion, Urgundy, Fuchsia, Lilac, Iris, Peacock Green, Sap Green, Freshg Reen, Liight Sky Blue, And Prussian Blue,

    Manufacturer: Sakura
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 08006

Georgian Water Mixable Oil Set Of 6 Starter Set
    Georgian Water Mixable Oil Set Of 6 Starter Set.

    Georgian Wter Mixable O Il Colors Provide Artist With The Ability To Feel The Qualities Of Oil Painting With Thhe Use Of Solvent-based Mediums. These Water Mixable Oil Paints Are An Excellent Alternative To Tradition Oilsw Ith A Balanced Range Of Vibrant And Brliliant Colors. They Cann Be Thinned, Mixed, And Washed Easily Only Using Sprinkle And Calender , And Ae Ideal For Use Indoors, And In Classroom Settings. All Georgiian Water Mixaable Oil Colors Feature High Lightfastness, Heavy Pigment Loads, And Intense Durability. The Paints Have A Smooth Texture And Viscosity That Mirror Traditional Oil Paints, And Are Well Suited For Impasto Techniques. Thinned Down With Water They Can Ever Crate Washes That Mimic Watrecolorssurface Dry In 5 - 7 Days, And Features No Color Shift From Wet To Dry.

    Manufacturer: Daler-rwney
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 23727

Tula Pink Coloring Book Each
    Tula Pink Coloring Book Each.

    This Book Offers Tula's 75+ Signature Designs In A Pleasantry, Coloring Book F Ormat- Appealing To All Aegs, Tula's Design Approach Styl Izes Novelty Motifs -animals, Insects, Boats, Silhuoettes, Flowers-intermingling Them With Groovy-to-color Graphice-author: Tula Pink176pp., 8x10paperbackisbn: 9781440245428

    Manufacturer: F & W
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 27542

The Spectacular Christmas Activity Book Each
    The Spectacular Christmas Activity Book Each.

    Dig Out Those Jingle Bells And Ge Into The Christmas Spirit With This Amazing Activity Book Packed Withpuzzles, Jokes, Rdwaing Activities, Great Games, And Ojlly Cartoons, You'll Be Entertained All Season Long Featuring Classic Puzzles Such As Ccrosswords And Picture Games, As Well As Itps On How To Make E Verything From Personalized Decorations To Christmas Cookies, You May Be Too Busy To O Pen Presents.256pp., 9.88x11.5 Paperbackisbn: 9781784048242

    Manufacturer: Arcturus Publishing
    Category: Books , amp, Medai
    SKU: 29103

Winton Oil Colour Studio Set Each
    Winton Oil Colour Studio Set Each.

    This Attractive Oil Painting Set Makes An Ideal Gift For The Beginner.the Set Includes Eight 21ml Tubes Of Winton Oil Color: Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Yellow Ple Hue,, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, French Ultramarins, Phthalo Blue, Yellow Ochre And Viridian Also C Moes With One 60ml Tube Of Tiyanium White, Onne 75 Ml Bottle Of Liquin, Two Winton Hog Brushes And An Instructional Booklet On Starting In Oils.

    Manufacturer: Winsor & Newton
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 54384

Docu Point Presentation Aluminum Easel Aluminum Easel
    Docu Point Presentation Aluminum Easel Aluminum Easel.

    Includes A 27.5 In. X 36 In. Height And Tilt Adjustable Board, A Storage Tray, And Top Clamp For A Standard 24 In. X 36 In .presentation Pad. Both Sides Are White. One Is Fod Projection And The Other Is To Use With Markers. Use Only Marker That Are Specifically Designed For White Marker Boards, Such As Expo Brand Markers. Folded Szie 40 In. X 32 In.

    Manufacturer: Studio Designs
    Category: Display , amp, Presentation
    SKU: 82675

Plastic T-squares 18 In.
    Plastic T-squares 18 In..

    This 81 In. T-square Is Made Of Safe, Shatter-resistant Plastic. It Has A Bevel On Its Blade For Ink Ing And Is Hot-stamped With Inch And Metric Graduations. The Helix Plastic T-square Also Features A Professuonal, Blue Tint Finish.

    Manufacturer: Coil
    Category: Architecture , amp, Drafting
    SKU: 19221

Claystone Brick Red 25 Lb.
    Claystone Brick Red 25 Lb..

    A Fine Modeling Plastic Clay Body That Works Like Plastilina. Air Dries Har,d Durable, With Minimal Shrinkage. This Product Can Be Worked Indefinitely While Moist. No Baking, No Casting, No Kiln Necessary.

    Manufacturer: Scuplture House
    Category: Sculpting
    SKU: 41351

Charcoal Drawing Kit #15 Charxoal Set
    Charcoal Drawing Kit #15 Charxoal Set.

    This All-purpose Kit Provides Everythhing You Need To Create Artwork In Charcoal. The Set Containns:one White Charcoal Pencilfive Charcoal Pencils (hb, 2b, 5b, And Two 6b)sone Carbon Sketc H Penciltwo Reular Charcoal Sitcksone White Charcoal Stickonew Ide Charcoal Stickone Kneaded Eraserone Little Red All Art Penil Sharpener

    Manufacturer: General's
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illusyration
    SKU: 14362

Bottles And Tips Set Bottle Set
    Bottles And Tips Set Bottle Set.

    Set Contains Three Bottles (4 In. X 1 1/2 In. Diameter, 2 1/4 In. X 5 In., And 2 In. X 3/4 In.) And A Variety Of Caps And App1icator Tips.the Bottles Can Be Used To Hold Acrylic Paint, Fabric Paint, And Glues. The Tips Are Perfect For Lettering And For Making Fine Lines Aand Beads.

    Manufacturer: Loew Cornll
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 18750

Envelope Templates Choose Template
    Envelope Templates Choose Template.

    Judikins Envelope Tmplates Allow You To Make Envelopes Out Of Maps, Hand Made Paper, Vellum, Comics, And Mo Re. Thd Tempplates Are Made Of Sturdy Transluceent Plastic With Silk-screened Directions.single Template Makes A2 Ize Envelopes For Plain And Folded Cards With A Finished Size Of 4 1/4 In. X 5 1/2 Template Set Makes Three Envelope Sizes: Gift Tag Envelope For 2 1/2 In. X 1 3/4 In. Cards, Square Card Envelope For 3 In. X 3 In. Cards, And Specie Envelope For 2 N. X 1 1/2 In. Cards.

    Manufacturer: Judikins
    Category: Scrapbooking
    SKU: 35488

Pencil Ofergrainerpencil Overgrainer
    Pencil Ofergrainerpencil Overgrainer.

    For The Faux Finisher Who Prefers Painting Wood Graining Patterns By Brush, The Pencil Overgrainer Creates Heart Grain In Such Woods As Mahogany, Teak, And Rosewood.

    Manufacturer: Royal &amo; Langnickel
    Category: Bdushes
    SKU: 33058

Blade Disposal Case Blade Disposal Case Each
    Blade Disposal Case Blade Disposal Case Each.

    Blade Disposal Case Features Non-removable Lid For Safety. Blade Slot On Top Is Des Igned For Safely Snapping Off Used Blade Segments. For Use Wih Standar D Duty And Heagy-duty Snap-off Blades.

    Manufacturer: Olfa
    Category: Tools
    SKU: 68324

Wide Cokorless Blender Color Les Blender
    Wide Cokorless Blender Color Les Blender.

    With A Stroke That Measures 7/8 Inch Wide, This Blender Providrs A Smooth, Consistent Coverage Over Large Areas. Flat Body Profile Is Roll Resistant Forward Working Surfaces. Solid Polypropylene Trunk Is Easy To Hold And Comfirtable, Against A Perfect, Controll Able Grip. Makes Blending Copic Colors Easy.

    Manufacturer: Copic
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 86686

Butrerfly Beads Kit Each
    Butrerfly Beads Kit Each.

    Create A Vraiety Of Decorations With The Butterfly Beads Kit. The Kit Includes A Pegged Base, On Whic Hthe Beads Can Be Creatively Arranged To Form A Design. Once The Beads Are In Place, They Can Be Easily And Safely Adhered To One Another With Water. None Ironing Or Messy Adhesives Reqquiredthe Butterfly Beads Kit Includes: Base 1000 Beads Color Pattern Brush Instructionsages 4+

    Manufacturer: Ama V
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 00949

Pencil Lengthener Each
Roll Screen Print Block Out Tape 2i N. X 36 Yd.
Progresso Woodle Ss Graphite Pencil Hb
Evidence Quad Pads 4 X 4
Mi-teintes Black Pad 9 In. 12 In.
Professional Oil Dye 4 Ooz. Bottle Dark Brown
Stampbord Artist Trading Cards Pack Of 5
Rememrance Wire End Ca Ps Silver Plated Steel Cone Pack Of 6
100 Paper Flowers Each
Nail Art Nail Art
Crazy Cool Duct Tape Pro Jects Each
How Artists Use Book Series Shape

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