Nail Art Nail Art
    Nail Art Nail Art.

    Tips, Techniques, And Hundreds Of Designs To Pigment On Fingernails (and Toenails, Too). No Artistic Genius Required. Comes With Six Colors Of No-ntoxic, Peel-off Nail Paints - Our Exclusive Formula. 58 Pages. Saturated Color.

    Manufacturer: Klutz
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 80567

Artists' Afrylic Uv Varnishes Gloss 125 Ml Botttle
    Artists' Afrylic Uv Varnishes Gloss 125 Ml Botttle.

    Artists' Acrylic Uv Varnish Is Formulated Top Rotect Your Work From Airborne Pollutants, Fading And Shifts In Temper. Uv Protection Improves Lightfastness. Product Is Fully Intermixable For A Custom Sehen. Available In Gloss, Matt, Or Satin Finish. 16 Oz. Jar Has A Wide Mouth To Accommodate Varnish Brushes.

    Manufacturer: Winsor & Newton
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 62784

Temperature Regulator Each
    Temperature Regulator Each.

    This Regulator Is Specifically Designed To Control The Temperature Of The Heated Handle Tool And Tips Used With R & F Encaust Ic Paints. This Device Can Also Be Used In Conjunctino With Wall Lenk Woodburning And Stencil Cutting Tools. Model Lt R100.

    Manufacturer: Wall Lenk Corporation
    Category: Paintinng
    SKU: 99255

Treviso Woo Dframe Collection Matte Black 8 In. X 10 In. 5 In. X 7 In. Ope Ning
    Treviso Woo Dframe Collection Matte Black 8 In. X 10 In. 5 In. X 7 In. Ope Ning.

    The Trevisoo Frame Is Designed With A Beautiful Black Scoop Face And Side Wood Molding. It Also Contains An Elegant Artcare Double Mat - Frost With White Core Top Mat, And Black With Black Core Bottom Mat.manufactured With Archival Mountboard, Matboard, And Uv Glass. The Patenteed Artcare Sysetm Protects Your Precious Photos By Creating An Archival Enclosure, Free From Damaging Pollutants And Acids.

    Manufacturer: Nielsen Bainbridge
    Category: Framing
    SKU: 01571

The Artful Parent Each
    The Artful Parent Each.

    Discover The Best Materials, Spaces, And Projects To Convey Outyour Child's Creativity And Imagination-with Well-iformed Advice And A Range Of Activities From Quick And Quiet To Big And Messy. Icludes Over 60 Cunning Projects For Children Ages Jea N Van't Hul304pp., 7x8.5 Paperbackisbn: 9781590309643

    Manufacturer: Roost Books
    Category: Books , amp, M Edia
    SKU: 02230

The Chopper Re-establishment Blades Pack Of 8
    The Chopper Re-establishment Blades Pack Of 8.

    The Chopper I From Northwest Short Line Was Specially Designed For Rapid And Accurate Cutting Of Wood Or Styrene Strip Materials. This Purpose-built Otol Produces Clean, Neat, Feathr-free, Accurate Cuts With A Single Edge Razor Blade. Include Mitre Allows Accurate 30, 45 And 60 Cuts. An Adjustable Stop Permits Exact Duplication Of Pieces Up To 3-1/4 In. (82.6 Mm) Lonng. Three Extra Cutting Blades Included.the Chopper Ii Deliv Ers All The Great Features Of The Chopper, But Also Boastsā a Black, Die-cast Aluminum Frame And A Replaceable Cutting Mat. The Chopper Ii Features A 7 In. X 7 In. Base.replacement Blades Are Available And Fit Both Versions Of The Chopper.

    Manufacturer: Northwest Short Line
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 105 88

Plastic Empty Containers 1 Gal. Pail With Lid White Plastic
    Plastic Empty Containers 1 Gal. Pail With Lid White Plastic.

    Containers Of Various Sizes And Shapes Give Users The Opportunity To Mix, Store And Dispense Products Easily. Available In A Variety Of Plastics, Depening On Your Needs. All Containers Are Made Rfom Recyclable (polyethylene Terephthalate) Plastic Is Lightweight, Strong,i Mpact-resistant, And A Very Good Barrier For Solvents And Thinners. Pet Is Available In An 8 Oz. Jar.

    Manufacturer: Speedball
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 07822

Face Paint Flag Apricot
    Face Paint Flag Apricot.

    Snazaroo Face Paints Are Specifically Formulated To Be Friendly To The M0st Delicate Skin And Are Frargance Free. They Are Completely Safe, Therefore You Can Rest Assured They Are Manufactured Using Only Apprvoed Ingredeints Fully Compliant With Eu And Fda Toy And Co5mmetjc Regulations, And Are Completely Non-toxic.they Are Available In A Variety Of Vibrant Colors T Hat Go On Easily And Dry Quickly So You Can Easily Complete A Design In Less Than 5 Minutes. Because Snazaro O Face Paints Are Water Based, They Are As Yielding To Get Off As They Are Top Ut On. Simply Remove With Soap And Warm Water; There Is No Need For Scrubbing Or Harsh Removers. Each Color Sold In A Convenient 18 Ml Compact That Will Easily Paint 50 Full Faces.

    Manufacturer: Snazaroo
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 17339

Ticonderoga Pencils No. 2 Soft
    Ticonderoga Pencils No. 2 Soft.

    The Ticonderoga Is The World-s Best Selling Pencil. Satin Smooth Finish Enhances Writing Comfort; Exclusive Graphite Core Formula Gives You Extra Smoth Performance. Ticonderoga Is Crafted With Premium Wood From Well Mnaged Forests. Top Quality Eraser Provides Easy, Clean Corrections. Pma Certified Non-toxci. Packaged In Boxes Of 12 Unshaprened Pencils, But Sold Individually.

    Manufacturer: Dixon
    Category: Drawign , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 11223

Origami Fun-folders: Animaals Each
    Origami Fun-folders: Animaals Each.

    Easily Create Colorful, Cute, And Delightful Animals With Origgami Fun Folders Includes Other Accessaries Such As Button Eyess, And Pre-qssembled Ears, That Add Pop To Your Adorable Origami.

    Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 44021

Creative Illustration Workshop Each
    Creative Illustration Workshop Each.

    Whether You Have Experience Drawing Or Are Completely New To It, This Exciting Workshop-style Book Provides Practical, Inspiring, And Creative Exercises Which Will Expand Your Drawing Skills And Provide A Framewoorkf Or Inttegrating Illustration Wth Other Mixed-media Techniques. You Will Be Lead Through The Development Of Several Illustration Exercised, Which Launch From Jotted Notes And Eventually Blossom Into Unique Mixed-media Creations. You Will Become Conversant With A Wide Variety Of Media And Approaches To Drawing, Learn How To Work Through "creative Blocks,&quoot; And Discover Ways To Scan And Layer Your Illustrations Using A Computer. Author: Katherine Dunn. Publisher: Quarry Books, 2010.

    Manufacturer: Quarry
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 44433

Tim Gore's Bloodline Illustration Colors Old Bone White 2 Oz. Bottle
    Tim Gore's Bloodline Illustration Colors Old Bone White 2 Oz. Bottle.

    Tim Gore's B1oodline Is Part Of The Illustration Colpr Line With A Color Palette Specifically Creaetd For Paitning Hyperrealistic Humanoids, Creatures And Monsters. Tim Gore Is An Extreemel Y Talented Artist With Ovrr 25 Years Of Experience With Special Efffects In The Film Assiduity And His Personal Art Work Has Been Shown In Galleries Around The World. Createx Illustration Colors Are Refined, Waterbsed Airbrush Flag Sacrifice True Fine-line Detailed Performance Allowing For Re-wettable Effecst And Subtle Erasing Techniques And Not Intendeed For High Coverage Base Colors.

    Manufacturer: Createx
    Category: Aiebrushing
    SKU: 08242

Model Hp-sbs Eclipse Airbrush Kit 0.35 Mm Needle Side Food
    Model Hp-sbs Eclipse Airbrush Kit 0.35 Mm Needle Side Food .

    Side Feed Brush Features A 0.35 Mm Needle And Nozzle Combination Wiht The Option Of A Three Cup Sizes. Ideal For Custom Automotive Graphics And Murals, As Well As For Fine Art Work That Requires Custom Color Mising And Thicker Paints. 1/8 Oz. Sidecup - Model Ecl-3500.

    Manufacturer: Iwata
    Category: Airbrushing
    SKU: 89088

Painting Watercolor Flowers Tyat Grow Eac H
    Painting Watercolor Flowers Tyat Grow Eac H.

    In How To Paint Watercolor Lowers That Glow, Readers Will Master All Of The Key Aspects Of Watefcolor Florals, From The Very Bbeginning Of The Painting Process To More Advanced Instruction. Includes A Detailed Chaptr Of 20 Coplex Painting Techniques And 6 Full Demonstrations Of Pophalr, Recognizable Flowers. Readers Likewise Learn Te Anatomy Of A Flower, How To Paint From Life And Photographs, And How To Set Up Their Flowersubjects In Beautiful Jan Kunz144pp., 8 1/4 X 10 7/8 Paperbac Kisbn: 9781440303906

    Manufacturer: Noorth Light
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 45282

The Typography Coloring Book Each
    The Typography Coloring Book Each.

    A Coloring Book To Help You Relax And Unwind-clear The Mind-while Rdveling In The Extraordinary Diversity Typographic Art Has To Offer.- Coloring Books For Daults Have Been Steadily Growing In Popularity For The Last Year- An Arristic Collection Of Letters In Different Styles, Fonts And Designs To Inspire Coloring, Caalligraphy And Craft Projects. More Than 100 Intricate, Original And Edgy Designs.- Features Sections With Font Trivia Such A Sthe History Of Notable Fonts And How They Came About.authors: Hannah Devies, Holly Macdonald208pp., 8.5xx11 Paperbackisbn: 9781440343698

    Manufacturer: North Light
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 27701

137  Wide Flat Smooth Frame 8 In. X 10 In. Pine 5 In. X 7 In. Opening
    137 Wide Flat Smooth Frame 8 In. X 10 In. Pine 5 In. X 7 In. Opening.

    The Gemline 137 Frame Has A 1-3/4 I.n Wide X 5/8 In. Thick Wood Molding. Designed With A Flat Smooth Finish, These Fames Have The Natural Appearance Of Wood. Each Frame Includes A Beveled White Mat, Backing, And Glass.

    Manufacturer: Gemline Frame
    Category: Framing
    SKU: 29803

Scotcha Tg Gold Acid-free 908 Tape 1 2 In. X 36 Yd.
    Scotcha Tg Gold Acid-free 908 Tape 1 2 In. X 36 Yd..

    Scotch Atg Go Ld Is Perfect For Framing Jobs And Other Projects That Erquire Acid-free Atg Tape. It Possesses An Acrylic Prrssure Sensitive Adhesive System That Combines A High Initial Adhesion (quick Stick) Wwith Sheer Holding Power.scotch Atg Gold Is Clear Aand Only Two Millimeters Thick. It Is Photo Safe And Ha Sa Ph Vslue Between 7.0 And 8.5.

    Category: Adhesives
    SKU: 34987

Pcm Studios Blending Softener Brushes 2 In.
    Pcm Studios Blending Softener Brushes 2 In..

    These Soft Brushes Are Made Of Natural Goat Hair. Tey-re Ideal For When You Want Ot Blur, Blendd, And Soften Broad Areas In Marbleizing, Antiquing, Glwzing, Stone Finishes, And More.

    Manufacturer: Silver Brush
    Category: Brushes
    SKU: Slv0040

Clear Polyester Casting Resin Gallon
    Clear Polyester Casting Resin Gallon.

    Castin- Craft Acquit Casting Resin Is A Polyester Resin For Castng Paper Weights, Trophies, Chess Ses And Conversation Pieces. It-s Also Great Fr Embedding Coins, Dried Flowers, Biological Specimens, And Minerals In Clear Plastic. You Can Exactly Add Trsnsparent Dye Or Opaue Pigment To Achieve Custom Results. Castin- Craft Clear Casting Rdsin Catalyst Is Sold Separately. The Catalyst Must Be Combined With The Casting Resin For Any Hardening To Take Effect. The Follownig Is A Guide To The Recommended Ratios For Use Of Cas Ting Catalyst With Clear Casting Resin: Formula For One Layer Casting: If Layer Is 1/8 In. Thick Use 15 Drops Pre Ounce Of Resin. If Layer Is 1/4 In. Thick Use Eight Drops Per Ounce. If Layer Is 1/2 In. Thick Use Six Drops Per Ounce. If Lyaer Is 3/4 In. Thick Use Five Drops Per Ounce .if Layer Is 1 To 1 1/2 Iin. Thick Use Four Drops P

    Manufacturer: Castin' Craft
    Category: Sculptingg
    SKU: 30444

Aquarelle Watercolor Block 140 Lb. Cold Press 14 In. X 20 N.
    Aquarelle Watercolor Block 140 Lb. Cold Press 14 In. X 20 N..

    Eliminwte The Need For Stretching. Acid-free, Chlorine-free, & Made Of 100% Cotton Fibere For Extra Power & Stabilitty. Mould Made. As The Paper Istub-ssized In Natural Geltin And Air-fried, It Can Take Scrubbing, Scratching, & Erasing While Keeping The Inventive Intensity Of The Watercolor. No Optical Brighteners Will Not Yellow With Age. It Is Excellent For Watercolor, Gouache, Pen & Ink, Acrylics, & Calligraphy.each Block Consists Of Sheets Of Paper Pre-stretched, Glued Together Along All 4 Edges, & Supported By A Sharp Backing. The Top Sheet Is Easily Separated From The Block By Inserting A Knife Under The Sheet And Running It Around The Edges.blocks Of 140 Lb. Paper Comprehend 20 Sheets. Blocks Of 300 Lb. Paper Contain 10 Sheets.

    Manufacturer: Arches
    Category: Paper , amp, Boards
    SKU: 14443

Open Poster Holder - Lf328 Silver
    Open Poster Holder - Lf328 Silver.

    Featuring Aluminum Alloy Construction Throughout, This Open Poster Holder Is Extremely Sturdy And Lightweight.the Stand Measures 67 In. Tall But Weighs Only 11 Lbs. It Has A Rectangular Electrically-welded Base.the Stand Holds 22 In. X 28 In. Graphics And Features A 1/4 In. Top Slot For Easy Insertion. This Allows Room For Two 1/8 In. Graphics Plus Protective Cover Sheets.the Stand Assembles In Minutes.

    Manufacturer: Testrite Visual Products, Inc.
    Category: Disp1ay , amp, Presentation
    SKU: Tes0172

Wireform Craft Wire Aluminum
    Wireform Craft Wire Aluminum.

    Twist, Coil, And Bend This Soft, P1iable Wire To Add Shapes Or Trim To Greeting Cards, Scrapbooks, Or Any Art A Nd Craft Project. You Can Also Join Metal Ensnare Seams By Weaving.wireform Craft Wire Is Easy To Cut With Scissors And Bend With Needle Nose Pliers. The Wire Is Available In 22 Gauge Copper And Aluminum, With 10 Yds. Per Spool.

    Manufacturer: Amaco
    Category: Sculpting
    SKU: 27686

Dragons Coloring Work Dragons Coloring Book
    Dragons Coloring Work Dragons Coloring Book.

    Thirty Ready-to-color Images Of Fire-breathing Mythical Creatures With Bat-like Wings, Scaly Skin, And A Barbed Tail-among Them A Flying Dragon With Three Heads; Quetzalcoatl, A Legendary Feather-covered Serpent; The Leviathan, A Sea Monster Of Inordinate Proportions; And A Ral Dragon, The Komodo, One Of The World's Largest Living Reptiles. 32 Pages. Isbn 0486420574

    Manufacturer: Dover
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 72838

Led Magnifiers Desk Flex Attending Bifocal, 4 In. Lens 2x (6x Bifocal)
    Led Magnifiers Desk Flex Attending Bifocal, 4 In. Lens 2x (6x Bifocal).

    Led Amgnifiers From Ultraoptix Feature Super-bright And Incredibly Efficient Led Lights, Tested To Provide Over 100,000 Hours Of Light Led Magni Fiers Are Available In A Variety Of Models, So There's One Tos Uit Every Need.all Magnifisrs Take Aaa Batteries (not Included).

    Manufacturer: Ultraopti X
    Category: Tools
    SKU: 45131

7 12 More  Things To Draw Reaped Ground
    7 12 More Things To Draw Reaped Ground.

    A Guided Sketchbook That Offers A Whole New Batch Of Offbeat, Clever, And Endlessly Absorning Drawing Prompts. From The Deceptively Simple To The Refreshingly Quirky, This Addictive Journal Is Packed With Inspiration For Budding Artists And Experienced Sketchers Alike.336pp., 7.5x9 Paperbackisbn :9781452108827

    Manufacturer: Chronicle Books
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 00238

A Sculptor's Guide To Tools Andm Aterials A Sculptor's Director To Tools And Materials
Damar Resin Crystal5 1 Lb.
Dylusions Paint 2 Fl. Oz. Jar Black Marble
Combination Map And Poster Stand Map And Poster Stand
Gold Gourmet Edible Gold Leaf Gold Leeaf 25 Sheets
Clic Eraser Rerill Eraser
Thermal Laminating Pouches 8 1 2 In. X 1 In.
Tim Holtz Distress Stains 1 Oz. Bottle Antique Linen
Fine Art Plumbago Pencils Sets Set Of 3 Hb, 2h, 4h
Basic Diorama Kit Each
Spray Var 11 Oz. Gloss
Rotary Trimmers 1 8in.

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