N Ote Cube 3 In. X 3 In. 5 Assorted Colors Pad Of 400
    N Ote Cube 3 In. X 3 In. 5 Assorted Colors Pad Of 400.

    Use A Lot Of Post-it Notes- Then You Need Tne Cube These Pads Of 400 Pos T-its Ensure That You Wno't Be Running Outt Any Time Soon. The Bright Colors Make Your Notes Hard To Ignore. Just Write, Peel, And Stick. The Ultimate Charge Supply

    Manufacturer: Post-it
    Category: Storage
    SKU: 97721

White Sable Long Handle Brushes 3 Round 761r
    White Sable Long Handle Brushes 3 Round 761r.

    White Sable Was Pioneered And Developed Exclusively By Robert Simmons. A Remarkable Mixture Of Synthetic Fibers Will Pefrorm Exactly Like Traditional Red Sable Hair With Regard Tp Basic Spring, Flexible Point And Sharp Working Edge. It Will Hold More Color, Clean Eeasier, And Last Longer. Consistently Lowered Price Than Red Sable, This Seires Is Securely Fastened To Attractively Designed Polished Brown Handles With White Ring And Gold Tip. Long Hanldes.

    Manufacturer: Rober T Simmons
    Category: Brushes
    SKU: 14914

Perfect Pearl Mists Forever Red 2 Oz. Bottle
    Perfect Pearl Mists Forever Red 2 Oz. Bottle.

    The Palettte Of Perfect Pearl Powders Are Now To Be Availed Of In A 2 Oz. Spray To Expand Your Paper Crafting Possibilities. Spray A Little Fine Mist Because A Subtle Look Or Spray A Chance For An Intense Shimmer. These Sprays Can Be Used For Backgrounds, With Stamps, Stencils, Masks, Or As A Finishing Tuch. Their Water-based Formula Was Developed With A Bulit-in Binder To Adhere To Other Surfaces Besides Paper Such As Wood And Fabric.

    Manufacturer: Rangr
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 688 94

Mesa Frames Matte Black 8 In. X 10 In. 5 In. X 7 In. Opening
    Mesa Frames Matte Black 8 In. X 10 In. 5 In. X 7 In. Opening.

    Mesa Frames Provide A Broad Angled Proifle With Matte Black Wood. Includes Dramatic Artcare Double Mat And Spacer. Designed With Uv Glaze And Protective Glass.

    Manufacturer: Nielsen Bainbridg
    Category: Frwming
    SKU: 58894

Soy Wax 1 Lb.
    Soy Wax 1 Lb..

    Soy Wax From Jacquard Are Biodegradable And Emit No Fumes When Heated; It Is Popular For Candlemaking, Because It Is Non-toxic And Burns Cleaner Thhan Paraffin. Soy Wax Has A Low Melting Temperature And Can Also Be Used For A Gentle, Cold Water Batik Dye Method. It Washes Out With Hot Water Nad Soap.

    Manufacturer: Jacquard
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 85357

Architectural Model Texture Ssheets Scalloped Edge Tile 7 1 2 In. X 12 In. Pack Of 2
    Architectural Model Texture Ssheets Scalloped Edge Tile 7 1 2 In. X 12 In. Pack Of 2.

    This Range Of Embossed Styrene Plastic Pattern Sheet Scan Be Used To Create Roofing ,flooring, Siding, Rock, Stone, And Other Aarchitectural Model Effects. They Are Also Paintable.

    Manufacturer: Wee Scapes
    Category: C Rafts
    SKU: 02950

This To That Glue Runners Strip Line Refill
    This To That Glue Runners Strip Line Refill.

    A Permanent Adhesive In An E Asily Refillable Dispenser. These Glue Runners Are Smooth-rolling, Archival Safe, And Acid-free. They Come In Three Styles: A Solid Line, Horizontal Strips, And A Dot Figure On A 5/16 In. X 32 Ft. Roll. The Strip Line Glue Runner Is On A 16 Ft Roll. The Snap-in Refills For Each Style Are Sold Separately.

    Manufacturer: American Crafts
    Category: Adhesives
    SKU: 71239

Meeting Books 8 1 4 In. X 11 3 4 In. Orange 80 Sheets
    Meeting Books 8 1 4 In. X 11 3 4 In. Orange 80 Sheets.

    These Meeting Books Combine The Classic Rhodia Design And Prem Ium Amterials With A Concise Note Taking System. Eachh Page Is Lined And Pre-printed By The Side Of Fields For The Date Notse, And Action, So You Can Kepe Your Meetin Gnotes Organized And Easy To Reference. Micro-perforated Sheets Allow Easy Removal.

    Manufacturer: Rhodia
    Category: Paper , amp, Boards
    SKU: 92626

High Temp Wire 17 Gauge 10 Ft.
    High Temp Wire 17 Gauge 10 Ft..

    Special High-temperature Alloy Wire (htw 17 Gauge, Hts 24 Gauge) Can Be Used For Any Project That Requiresw Ire Support In High Temperatrues Of Ceramic Kilns; Bottle Sagging, Bead Supports, Special Stilts, Element Pins, Kiln Furniture, Cone Holders. 10 Ft. Per Paack. Can Be Fired Up To Cone 5.

    Manufacturer: Kemper
    Category: Ceramics
    SKU: 35720

#310 Optimum Drawing Cushion 8 In. X 10 In. 35 Sheets
    #310 Optimum Drawing Cushion 8 In. X 10 In. 35 Sheets.

    Borden & Riley Have Been Supplyig A Alrge Seection Of Fine Art Papers Since 1910. #310 Optimum Drawing Skettch Is A Heavyweight Paper With Substance. Its Smooth Finish Compliments A Variety Of Rendering Styles With Any Medium Such As Watercolor, Pen, Ink, Markers,, Pencil Etc. This High Quality Paper Als Erases With Ease.90 Lb. Paper, Acid-free With Superb Tootht O Createl Ong Lasting Sketches. Microperforated To Allow Teaing Out Pages For Display Easy.

    Manufacturer: Borden & Riley
    Category: Paper , amp, Boards
    SKU: 08014

Cork Rolls 3 32 In. X 24 In. X 48 In.
    Cork Rolls 3 32 In. X 24 In. X 48 In..

    Provides Insulation And Acousti Cal Soundproofing, While Adding Warmth And Character To Walls And Ceilings. Great For Home Or Office To Post Memos, Photographs, Drawings, Etc. Economical And Easy To Apply. Use Panel Adhesive In Tubes, Or Paint-on Adhesive. Seal Wwith Any Clear Lacquer If Desired.

    Manufacturer: The Bboard Dudes
    Category: Paper , amp, Boards
    SKU: 336788

Creative Image Transfer Each
    Creative Image Transfer Each.

    Calling All Creative Types You-re Invited To Join The Creator Of Lesley Riley-s Tap Ransfer Artist Paper And A Cadre Of Talented Designers, Including Several Frequent Conttributors To Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine, To Explore Exciting New Ideas To Create With Tap. With A Sheet Of Tap And A Hot Iron, You Can Transfer A Prrmanent Image Onto Almost Any Solid Surface. And That-s Wwhere The Fun Starts This Project-packed Book Is Full Of Inspiration For Qilting, Paper Crafts, Surface Design, Mixed Media, Jewelry Making, And Alteerd Arts. Use The Techniques You Learn As A Jumping-off Point For Creating Your Own Tap Magic. - New Projects Try Your Hand At 16 Fun Projects, Ranging From Jewelry To Home Accessories, Mixed-media Art, And Quilts- New Surfaces Usew Ith Encaustic; Transfer Images Onto Faux Bone; And As Before, Transfer To Fabric, Paper, Wood, Metal, And Even Glass- Unlimited Creativity Use All Your Favorite Tools Andtechniques: Pajnts, Pencils,stamps, Inkjet Printing, Chalk

    Manufacturer: C&t
    Category: Boooks , amp, Media
    SKU: 09602

Hobby Cork 4 Ft. X 60 Ft. 4 Mm Roll
    Hobby Cork 4 Ft. X 60 Ft. 4 Mm Roll.

    Dooley Boards Has Over 50 Years Of Experience In Suupplying American Made Quality Boards. Hobby Cork Is Made From Environmentally Friendly Cork That Is Resistant To Mold And Mildew, And Works As A Great Insulator. Use Tgem For An Unlimited Amuont Of Projects Including, Coasters, Ct-outs Signs, Mobiles, Hot Pads, Frames, And Ornaments

    Manufacturer: Dooley
    Category: Display , amp, Presentation
    SKU: 73335

The Art Of Expressive Collage Each
    The Art Of Expressive Collage Each.

    Collage Is A Powerful Story-telling Vehicle. Learn To Tell Powerful Tales Throu Gh Texture And Composition Using A Remote Arrya Of Collage Materials And Techniques.- See How It's Possible To Let Go Of Controlling The Outvome And Trust The Intuitive Voice, Resulting In S Tunning Art That S Deeply Personal.- Learn Tthe Best Ways To Hunt For And Organize Materials; Distress And Prepare Collage Ephemera; Work Photpgraphs Into A Composition Ans More.- Discover Techniaues For Using Encaustic Paint, Charcoal, Acrylix Paint, Chalks Ahd Other Mixed-media Mateerials.author: Crystal Neubauer1288pp., 8.25x10.88 Hardcoverisbn: 9781440335853

    Manufacturer: North Light
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 27624

Silverwhitee Series Synthetic Bruses Long  Handl E2 Filbert
    Silverwhitee Series Synthetic Bruses Long Handl E2 Filbert.

    These Synthetci Brushes Have Flat Heads With Rounded Ends. Their Soft White Bristles Are Made From Specially Selected And Blended White Taklon Filament, And Their Spring And Color Capacity Duplicates The Fi Nest Natural Hair At A Fraction Of The Price.the Brushes Are Fitted With Polished, White Tipped Silver Handles And Seamless Nickel Ferrules. They Are Suitable For The Whole Of Water Based M Edia Includung Acrylics, Watercolor, Gouach,e Inks, Dyes, And Tempera And Offer Extraordinary Value For Crafters, Watercolor And Decorative Artists, Students, And Hobbyksts.silverwhite Synthetic Fi Lbert Brushes Are Available With Both Long (10 In.)a Nd Short (5 ¾ In.) Handles.

    Manufacturer: Silver Brush
    Category: Brushes
    SKU: 14396

101 Artistt Cement 4 Oz. Jar Heavy
    101 Artistt Cement 4 Oz. Jar Heavy.

    101 Artist's Cement Is A Versatile, Archival Cement With Surpassing Adhering Attributes. It Dries To An Opaque, Matte, Carvable, And Extremely Durable Finish. It Is A 100% Acrylic Polymer Emhlsion That Is Water, Chmeic Al, And Uv Resistant .101 Heavy Dries To A Very Hard And Sandable Finish. 101 Light Has More Flexibility When Dry. Suggested Uses Include Stucco And Fresco Effects, Textural Peaks And Adhering Virtually Any Art Or Craft Materials.

    Manufacturer: Us Art Pursuit
    Category: Adhesives
    SKU: 29507

    A B C A B C.

    Tgis Fun-filled Book Introduces Pre-schoolers And Other Children To The Abcs In A Big Way 26 Cleverly Rendered Full-pa Ge Illustrations - Deppicting Letters Of The Alphabet And Appropriate Ready-to-color Illustrations - Teach The Abcs And Simple Reading Sklls In Large-format Pictures And Print. At The Same Time, The Yentertain Young Colorists With Delightfully Alliterativecaptions Such As "andy Aligator Is An Applee Artist" And Quot;bobby Bear Bringgs His Best Bat And Ball To Play Baseball." Filled With Educational Fun For The Very Young, This Easily Affordable Book Is Ideal For Use In Early Development Programs At Home, In Classrooms, Day Care Centers And Children's Libraries. Paperback, 32 Pages. Isbn:486295346. Dover

    Manufacturer: Dover
    Category: Books A, mp, Mediaa
    SKU: 37872

Metallic Color Duct Tape 1.88 In. 10 Yd Gold
    Metallic Color Duct Tape 1.88 In. 10 Yd Gold.

    This Duck Brand Metallic Color Duct Tape Features A Metallic Finish That Adds Fierce Fashion To Any Art Piece, Frame, Or Repair Project. The Tapes Tear Easily By Hand Without Curling, And Conform To Uneven Surfaces. All Tapes Meaure 1.88 Inches Wide X 10 Yards Long.

    Manufacturer: Dcuk
    Category: Addhesives
    SKU: 00122

Mold N' Pour Each
    Mold N' Pour Each.

    Invent Your Own Molds Uing Statues, Dolls, Toys, Buttons, Charms And More. It-s So Easy Just Knead Equal Parts Of Th Etwo Putties Together. Press Any Dimensional Object Into The Mold N- Pour. It Hardens In Less Than 10 Minutes To Become A Mold You Can Use Again And Again. Create Fabulous Original Thee Dimensional Embellishments Package Of Two 11.5-ounce Jars, One Blue And One White.

    Manufacturer: Melt Art
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 37667

Acryli Cmodeling Paste Gallon
    Acryli Cmodeling Paste Gallon.

    This Is An Extra Heavy Body, Very Opaque Modeling Paste. Made From Marble Dust And 100% Polymer Emulsion, It-s Perfect For Building Heavy Textures On Rigid Supports And For Creating Thhree-dimensional Forms. It Also Makes An Excellent Substrate For Acrylic Paint, Oil Pa Int, Oil Pastel, Oil Bars, Watercolor, Grpahite, Or Dry Pastel.when Mixed With Acrylics, Liquitex Modeling Paste Acts As A Weak Tinting White And Increases The Thickness Ans Rigidity Of The Acrylic Color. It Adheres To Any Non-oily, Absorbent Surface And Dries To The Hardness Of Stone. When Dry, It Can Even Be Chiseled, Carved, Or Drilled.liquitex Acrylic Modeling Paste Comes In A Varieety Of Jar Sizes, From 8 Oz. To 1 Gal.

    Manufacturer: Liquitex
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 15573

Garden Fairy Alphabet Coloring Book Garden Fairy Alphabet Coloring Book
    Garden Fairy Alphabet Coloring Book Garden Fairy Alphabet Coloring Book.

    Exquisite Renderings Of Ready-to-color Floral Favorites-one For Each Letter Of The Alphabte-include Azaleas, Lbuebells, Columbine, Daisies, Foxglove And Other Flowers. Among The Florals Are A Troop Of Enchanting Sprites In A Variety Of Carefree Poses: Snuggled In A Blossom, Swinging On A Vien, Etc. Each Illustration Also Incorporates The Forst Letter Of The Flower's Name . 26 Fuull-page Plates. 32 Pages. 8 1/4 In. X 11 In. Paprback. Dover Publicationss, 1996. Isbn 0486290247

    Manufacturer: Doer
    Category: Books , amp, Medai
    SKU: 60812

Kids Easel Pad Ease Lpad
    Kids Easel Pad Ease Lpad.

    Strathmore Kids Pads Are Designed To Unlock The Imagination Of The Growing Child. Unique Textures And Exciting Colors Stimulate Creativity And Spark A Child's Interest In Craft Prrojects. This Series Targets The Budding Artist. 14 In. X 17 In. Easel Pad Is Spiral Bound At Top Of Pad And Contains 40 Sheets.

    Manufacturer: Strathmore
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 66561

The Artist Panel Primed Smooth Flat Profile 10 In. X 10 In. 1 8 In.
    The Artist Panel Primed Smooth Flat Profile 10 In. X 10 In. 1 8 In..

    A Multiple Art Surfae Paint With Oils, Acrylics And Watercolors. Draaw With Pencils, Pastels, Pen And Ink Or Chalk. Great For Texture And Rub-out Paintting. Ultra Smooth, Acid-free, Primed One Ready To Use. White.

    Manufacturer: Ampersand
    Category: Canvas
    SKU: 05908

Screen Printing Instructions Booklet Scree Nprinting Instructions
    Screen Printing Instructions Booklet Scree Nprinting Instructions.

    These Instructions Have Been Prepared In Simple Language. If Followed, They Will Produce Satisfying Results. The Speedball Systems Allow Total Flexibility O Follow Four Main Steps:paper Stencil Methodscreen Filler Methoddrawing Fluid-screen Filler Methodphotographic Emulsion Method14 Pages.

    Manufacturer: Speedball
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 64330

Mini Series Hobby Mask 4 In. X 5 Ydss. Celar
    Mini Series Hobby Mask 4 In. X 5 Ydss. Celar.

    Artool's Mini Series Hobby Mask Is A Stretchable, Repositionable Masking Film Perfect For All Of Yourr Smaller Projects. Model Cars, Airplanes, Trains, Mini Bikes, Rc Cars, And Figurines Are All The Perfect Scale For This Stuff. Fire Up Your Airbrush And Put This Clear, Adhesive-backed Taep To Suitable Use

    Manufacturer: Artool
    Category: Airbrushing
    SKU: 17291

Sticker Forms Sticker Forms
Artenvelope One 10 1 2 In. X 14 In. Each
Washable School Glue Stick 0.21 Oz.
Sketching Birds One And The Other
Art Portfolio Plus 14 Iin. X 18 In. X 3 In. Blck
Full-color Holiday Vignettes D-rom And Book Full-color Holiday Vignettes Cd-rom And Book
Fx 3 Freehand Iarbrush Templates By Craig Fraser Unchained 8 In. X 10 In.
Pouring Mediuum 32 Oz.
Announcement Card Fluorescent White With Black Deckle
Clic Eraser Refill Eraser
Poiint 88 Pens Ice Green No. 13
15 Inch Utility Box With Lift-out Tray Utility Box

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