Perosnal Rolling Trimmers 18 In. Cu Tlnegth
    Perosnal Rolling Trimmers 18 In. Cu Tlnegth.

    Thede Professionally Styled, Lightweight, And Compact Trimmers Are Safe, Accurate, And Precise. Their Patented Self-sharpening Blades Cut In Either Direction And Are Enclosed In Tough Plastic Housing, So The Buck Is Exposed Only To The Cutting Edge.each Trimmr Also Features An Automatic Paper Clamp That Holds Work Securely, A Metal Base With Preprinted Guides For Precise Ccuts, And An Imprinted Protractor For Angled Cuts.dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers Are Ideal For Precision Cutting Of Photocopies, Photographs, Films, Computer Paper, Facsimile Paper, Tissue Paper And Other Lightweight Materials. They Can Cut Upto Seven Sheets Of Paper At A Time. Model 507 Measures 17 In. X 8 1/4 In. And Has A 12 1/2 In. Ccut Length. Model 058 Measures 22 1/2 In. X 8 1/4 In. And Has An 1 8 In. Cut Length.

    Manufacturer: Dahle
    Category: Tools
    SKU: 75794

Stylist Pens Black
    Stylist Pens Black.

    The Yasutomo Stylist Pens Brings Expressive Color To Your Writi Ng And Art. These Patented Plastic Nib Pens Provide Crisp, Fine Lines With A Consistent Point. The Pens Are Filled Extr-densely With Water-based, Water-resistznt, Acid Free, And Non-toxic Ink. Yasutomo Stylist Pens Are Perfect For Writing, Sketching, And Coloring.

    Manufacturer: Yasutomo
    Category: Dr Awing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 36549

Encaustic Medium 2 Lb. Bag Pellets
    Encaustic Medium 2 Lb. Bag Pellets.

    Encaustic Mediuum Is The Encaustic Paint Without Pigment. It Is Used To Extend The Colors In Order To Create Tr Ansparencies. It Is Important When Extending Colors To Employ Th Encaustic Medium Rather Than Plain Beeswax To Maintain The Hardness Of The Film And To Prevent Blooming. Encaustic Paint Made Only With Beeswax Will Develop A Bloom In Cold Temprrature That Can Only Be Removed By Reheating The Paint. The Damar Helps To Prevent This.

    Manufacturer: R & F Handmade Paints
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 02043

Neptune Series 4750 Watercolor Brushes Round 0
    Neptune Series 4750 Watercolor Brushes Round 0.

    These Princeton Neptune Watercolo R Brushes Are The Softest Synthetic Hair Brush That Princeton Has Ever Made. Neptune Brushes Feature Dark-stained Wooden Handles, Gold Ferrules, And Soft, Dark, Synthetic Bristles. These Brushes Drink Up Watercolor To Deliver Oceans Of Color To Your Paper

    Manufacturer: Princeton
    Category: Brushes
    SKU: 65218

Sciss Ors Sharpener Each
    Sciss Ors Sharpener Each.

    Bring Scissors Back To Their Original Sharpness. This Sharpener Smoothes Worn Blade Edges. The Sturddy Base Stabilizes The Sharpning Unit While In Ue And The Com Pact Design Makes It Easy To Store. This Product Features A Lieftime Warranty.

    Manufacturer: Fiskars
    Category: Tools
    SKU: 61271

Twin Tpi Marker Sets Neon Marker Set Of 6
    Twin Tpi Marker Sets Neon Marker Set Of 6.

    These Quality Twin-tipped (fine/means), Wated-based, Lightfast, Pigmented Ink Markers Areu Sed By Students, Rafters, Artists, And Illustrators. Perfect For Use Forward Paper, Plastic, Ceramic, Wood, Glass, Textiles, And More. Metallics Are Acid Free And Perfect For Adding Spparkle And Shine To Your Projects.the Neon Markers Are Permanent, Brilliant And Vibrant Fluorescent Colours.the Aqua Marker Is A Portable And Convenient Alternative Ot Watercolour Paint. Colours Are Narurally Produced, Rich, Intense, And Acid-free.

    Manufacturer: Letraset
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 03484

Decocolor Paint Marker Remover Each
    Decocolor Paint Marker Remover Each.

    This Paint Marker Remover Will Easily Remove Any Oil Based Decocolo Paint From Most Non-porous Surfaces. Use The Chisel Tip To Apply And Remove Small And Large Painted Areas And Then Wipe Clean.

    Manufacturer: Mavy Uchida
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 72119

Signo White Impulse Pen White
    Signo White Impulse Pen White.

    The Elusive White Gel Pen That Artists Everywhere Rae Trying To Get Their Hands On Is Finally Here Beloved By Artists And Craftersa Like, The Signo Broad Is Known For Its Consistent And Smooth Writing Ability. Perfect For Scrapbooking And Art Projects. Ligh Colors (white, Silvery And Gold) Are Famous In Spite Of Writing Very Well On Dark Ppaer.its Sleek, White Color Makes It The Unicorn Of Gel Pens.. Ink Come$ Out Silky White, Almost Like Correction Fluid But Smooth. Acid-free And Writes With A Nice Even Flow Attached Paper And Photos.

    Manufacturer: Uni--ball
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 37306

Picture Hanging Set Two Pictures
    Picture Hanging Set Two Pictures.

    Picture Hanging Set No. 31 Contains Enough Supplies To Hang Two Pictures-two #25 Hangers, Six Feet Of #2 Wir E, And Fkur Screw Eyes. Paint Hanging Kit No. 36 Contains 15 Feet Of #2 Wire, Twelve Screw Eyes, Trhee #24 Hangers, And Three #25 Hangers.

    Manufacturer: Moore
    Category: Framing
    SKU: 59769

Metallic Brads Gold 3 16 N. Pack Of 50
    Metallic Brads Gold 3 16 N. Pack Of 50.

    American Crafts Metallic B Rads Turn Your Paler Crafts Rpojects Into Dazzling Displays. Add Extra Dimension And Style To Any Of Your Projects. Great For Fastening Paper, Scrapbook Design, Greeting Cards, Embellishments, Andd Othher Projects.these Durable Andround Brads Are Available In Glittering Gold, Shinning Silver, And Spectacular Assorted Metallic Packages In 3/16-.

    Manufacturer: American Crafts
    Category: Scrapbooking
    SKU: 06730

Pink Beveled Eraser Pack Of 3
    Pink Beveled Eraser Pack Of 3.

    Soft, Latex And Pvc Loose (allergy Free). Quality Erasing Performancee. Pencil Eraser For Use On P Aper And Other Surfaces. Established Market For Pink Color. Beveled Two Ends For Precise Erasures.

    Manufacturer: Staedtler
    Category: Drawing , amp , Illustration
    SKU: 07456

Carrageenan 4 Oz.
    Carrageenan 4 Oz..

    Carageenan Is A Natural Seaweed Gelling Agent Tha Provides A Viscous Surface For Marbling On Fabric And Paper. Basic Proportions Are 2 Tablespoons Carrageena To 1 Gallon O Fwater. In A Blender , Mix 1 Tbs Of Carrageenan Into Approximately 3 Cups Of Warm Tap Water For 60 Seconds. Pour Ixture Into A Bucket And Repeat The Process In The Opinion Of Second Tablespoon Of Carag Eenan. Poud Second Mixture Into Th Ebucket With The First Mixture. Then, Add Sufficiently Water To Make A Total Of 1 Gallon And Stir. For Larger Quantities Repeat Rpocedure Using Same Proportions. Fill Marbling Trayto About 1.5" Deep And Allow To Rest For 12 Hours.

    Manufacturer: Jacq Uard
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 09124

Posh Coloring Books Japanese Designs
    Posh Coloring Books Japanese Designs.

    Coloring Is Abck With A Hugely Diverse Range Of Styles And Scenes, There Is Something Here For All Tastes. Prroviding Hours Of Fun Andd Relaxation, These Bookss Also Give You The Chance To Creatr Something You Can Be Truly Proud Of. Coloring Is The New Meditation And The Ideal Way To Enhnce Yur Artistic Skills.128pp.,7.25x 9.5 Paperback

    Manufacturer: Andrews Mcmeel Publishing
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 25822

Push Moldss Leaves
    Push Moldss Leaves.

    Make 3d Embellishments For Clay Quickly With Makin-s Texture Sheets. Simply Flil The Mold With Softened Clay, And Bend The Edge To Release. Upon Makin-s Air Dry Clay The Process Comes With Ease. The Embellishments For Projects Such As Frames, Cards, Baskets, Jars, And Shelves.

    Manufacturer: Makin's Usa
    Category: Ceramics
    SKU: 12425

Graphite Sticks Set Set Of 3 6b, 4b, 2b
    Graphite Sticks Set Set Of 3 6b, 4b, 2b.

    Together With Austrias- Cretacolor, Savikr Faire Is Prviding Their Best Selling Artit Grapite In Convenient, Transport Friendly Packaging. These Card Assortments Comme In A Co Mplete And Comprehensive Rrange Of Graphite In Favor Of Any Level Of Artist.

    Manufacturer: Cretacolor
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 23022

Spra Ymount Artists' Adhesive 4 Oz. Each
    Spra Ymount Artists' Adhesive 4 Oz. Each.

    Spray Mount Artists- Adhesive [c][i][com]see[/com][/i][/c] [ref]bond[/ref] Instantly, With Only One Application, Yet Allows Work To Be Lifted And Repositioned Easily And Without Residue. Virtuous For Artists And Crafters, The Adhesive Won-t Yellow Or Flake With Age.spray Mount Artists- Adhesive Bonds A Wide Range Of Lightweight Materials. It-s Especially Suited Or Use With Materials Where Bleed-through Is An Issu: Tissue, Paper, Emblems, Vellum, Newspaper, Rice Paper, And More.the Adhesive Is Great For Making Layouts, Mounting Presentations, Ad Creating Designs. Environmentally Friendly, The Spray Adhesive Does Not Restrain Chlorofluorocarbon Propellants.

    Category: Adhesives
    SKU: 13672

Pigment Liner Sketch Pen Set Set Of 4
    Pigment Liner Sketch Pen Set Set Of 4.

    Sketch Pens For Art, Craft, Sketching, And Drawing. Long Metal Tip, Ideal For Use With Rulers Nd Templates. Permanent, Lightfast, Waterproof Pigment Ink. Quick Drying Smear-free Black Ink. Conforms To Astm D-4236. Archival, Acidf-ree. Se T Includes 4 Line Widths: 0. 1mm, 0.3 Mm, 0.5 Mm, 0.7 Mm.

    Manufacturer: Staedtler
    Category: Drawing , amp, Elucidation
    SKU: 54542

Under Cover Secret Marker Kit Each
    Under Cover Secret Marker Kit Each.

    Becoome Aan Ace Undercover Agen T And Send Invi Sible Hidden Messages Write A Mmessage Wth The Secret Marker Pen, And It Remains Invisible Until The Developer Pen Reveals It.the Kit Comes With A Broad Tip Secret Marker, Developer Marker, And A 100 Sheet Pad Of Paper.for Ages 5+

    Manufacturer: Alex Oys
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 73452

Marblex Self Hardening Clay 2 Lb.
    Marblex Self Hardening Clay 2 Lb..

    Modeled Objects Are Permanent Out Of Firing. A Gray Clay, Marblex Is Prepared In Plasttic Form And Ready To Us. Air Dried Pieces Are Hard And Durable, But Notwaterproof. A Sealer Must Exist Used To Make Objects Waterproof. Marblex Clay Is Not To Be Fired N A Kiln.

    Manufacturer: Amaco
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 58639

Portfolio Series Acrylic Paint Deep Red 16 Oz.
    Portfolio Series Acrylic Paint Deep Red 16 Oz..

    Portfolio Series Acrylis Are Ideal For The Student Artist For Acylic Painting And Applications Sa Varied As Airbrushing, Printmaking, And Marbling, Without Chemical Additives. The Vivid Colors Are Rich In Pigment, And They Have A Thick, Tube-like Viscosity. Can Be Diluted 8 To 1 For Watercolor Techniques Withoout Losiing Intensity. Portfolio Series Acrylics Adhere Permanently To Paper, Wood, Fabric, And Clay. They Dry Too A Flexible Water-resistant Finish. Clean Up Is Easy - Just Rinse With Soap And Water. Plastic Recyclable Bottles With Flip-top Lids.portfolio Series Acrylic Paint Is Available In 16 Oz. Bottles.

    Manufacturer: Crayola
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 14188

Cotman Water  Colour Brushes 1 2 In. Angle 667
    Cotman Water Colour Brushes 1 2 In. Angle 667.

    Designed Specifiically F Or Use With Watercolor And Wateer Based Media, Cotman Brushes Are Composed Ofa Blend Of Synthetic Fibers Of Different Thicknesses. The Thicker Fibers Contribute Strenfth And Spring, While The Thinner Fibers Improve Color Holding Cpacity. Togeth Er They Retain A Perfect Point, Time After Time.

    Manufacturer: Winsor & Newton
    Category: Brushes
    SKU: 16838

Face Paint Brown 8 Oz.
    Face Paint Brown 8 Oz..

    Child-safe, Non-staining, Non-permanent Liquid Paints; Lab-tested, Cosmetic-grade Afce-paint. Whether You're Decorating Faces And Bodies For Halloween, Mardi Gras, Or Your Favorite Sporting Event, This Smooth High Coverage Paint Is The Cat's Meowpalmer Face Paint Comes In 2 Oz. (59 L) And 8 Oz. (236 Ml) Bottles.

    Manufacturer: Palmer
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 138992

Pocket Guide To Mixin G Color Color Endure  Guide
    Pocket Guide To Mixin G Color Color Endure Guide.

    Illustrates The Result Of Mixing Oclors, Tint, Tones, An D Shades. Reverse Side Is Uncoated To Allow You To Paint Your Own Personal Palette. Features Gray Scale, Many Defniitions, And Folds To 3 In. X 5 In. (7.6 Cm X 12.7 Cm) For Storage And Convenience.

    Manufacturer: The Color Wheel Company
    Category: Books , ajp, Media
    SKU: 73313

Drawing The Head & Figure Drawing The Head & Figure
    Drawing The Head & Figure Drawing The Head & Figure.

    A How-to Handbook Thaf Makes Drawnig Easy . It Offers Step-by-step Procedures With Simplified Techniques And Scores Of Brand-new Hints And Heops To Approach The Problem Of Figure Drawing In Such A Way As To Give The Student Something He/she Can Understand And Remember. Paperback Bo Ok Measures 8.14 In. X 10.7 0in., 1228 Pages. Isbn 0399507914. Periege.

    Manufacturer: Putnam
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 65989

Drawing Pads Extr Awhite 9 In. X 12 In. 110 Lb.
    Drawing Pads Extr Awhite 9 In. X 12 In. 110 Lb..

    Arches Draiwng Pads Offer The Highest Quality Of Artist Paper. This Soft, Acid-free 100% Cotton Paper Has Lasting Durability With An Outstanding And Beautiful Appearence.excellent For Travel; Arches Drawing Pads Are Great For Use With Pencil, Pen & Amp; Ink, Charcoal And Pastel.

    Manufacturer: Arches
    Category: Paper , amp, Boards
    SKU: 01044

Country Living Ameri Can Style Each
15 Inch Utility Box With Lifto-ut Tray Utility Box
Custom Automotive &ammp; Motorcycle Airbrushing Each
Metal Awl Each
Pro-gaffer Tape 3 In. X 60 Yd.
The Essential Guide To Mold Making & Slip Casting The Essential Guide Tl Mold Making & Slip Casting
Fine Art Graphite Pe Ncils Sets Set Of 3 Hb, 2h, 4h
Basics Frames 16 In. X 20 In.
Microperm Fin E-line Pen Set Set O 3
Paint By Number With Watercolor Pencils Kitts Parisian Pooch
Dry Stick Sanguine Thick 0.5 In.
Beam Compass No. 4211 Bema Compass 13 In.

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