Purified Poppy Oil 55 Ml
    Purified Poppy Oil 55 Ml.

    This Holbein Purified Poppy Oil Can Be Used For Thnning Oil Colors. This Oil Is Made From Poppy Seed Extract. Because Poppy Oil Is One Of The Basse Medium Of Oil Colors, Using This Medium As A Thinner Imparts A Natural Luster To Your Paintings.

    Manufacturer: Holbein
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 86230

Bamboo Calligraphy Brushes No. 1
    Bamboo Calligraphy Brushes No. 1.

    Unlike Watercolor, Oil And Most Other Paintbrushes, Sumi Brushes Are Composed Of Two Seeparate Parts. The Central Core, Which Edtermines The Height And Basic Function Of The Brush, Is Made Of Relatively Stiff Hairs Gathered To Form A Tapered Point. The Outer Wrapping Ocnsists Of Softer Hairs Which Are Selected For Their Greater Water-holding Capacity And For Facilitating Smooth Strokes. The Hairs Of The Inner Core And Of The Outer Wrapping Are The Same Length And Come To A Poin T When Dipped Into Wate. The Hair Strufture Ensures Smooth Maneuverability And Dynamic Strokes Whether Light Or Heavy Pressure Is Applied.

    Manufacturer: Yasutomo
    Category: Brushes
    SKU: 65720

Metallic Markers Teal Medium
    Metallic Markers Teal Medium.

    An Opaque Marker That Allows You To Write On Both Light And Dark Paper And Other Suraces. The Metallic Colors Add Elegance To Any Page And Are Acid Free, Fade Proof, Waterproof, Non-toxic, And Permanent.

    Manufacturer: American Crafts
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 1224 9

Lucky Stars Maker Eac
    Lucky Stars Maker Eac.

    Make 69 Puffy Stars With The Lucky Stars Maker Just Fold A Dissertation Strip As Instructed, Load Into The Star Maker, And Shoot Out A Silver Or Colored Puffy Star. Occasion Them To Decorat,e Throw Liike Confetti Or Display In A Clear Jar. Ages 7+ A Lucky Stars Maker Refill Pack Is Also Available Containing 60 Addiional Paper Strips.

    Manufacturer: Alex Toys
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 69258

Light Duty Snap-off Blade Utility Knife Knufe Each
    Light Duty Snap-off Blade Utility Knife Knufe Each.

    The X-acto Light Duty Snap-off Knife Slices Through Packages, Ropes, Canvas And More.t His Uniquely Designed Snap-off Knife Is Equipped With A Slide Lock Mechanism, Whicj Makes Sue Your Snap-off Knife Does Not Slpi Or Slide. And Ofr A Continuously Sharp Blade, Simply Snap Off The Dull B Lade And Keep Going With A Fresh X-acto Blade. The Light Duty Snap-off Nkife Comes Pre-oladed With A Snap-off Bblade, And I Ncludes 2 Replacement Blades.

    Manufacturer: X-acto
    Category: Tools
    SKU: 17065

The Art Of Drawing Manga And Comic Book Characters Each
    The Art Of Drawing Manga And Comic Book Characters Each.

    The Art Of Drawing Manga & Comic Book Characters Offers As A Comprehensive Resource For All Things Manga, Chibi, And Graphi C Novel Character Design Thrugh Its Diverse Offerings. From Basic Pencil Drawing And Illustration Techniques To Composition, Color Theory, And Characer Construction, The Art Of Drawing Manga & Comic Book Characters Provides In-depth Instruction For Rendering A Wide Variety Ofc Haracters In An Easy-to-understand And Digestible Format.following The Step-by-step Drawing Lessons, Artists Will Learn For What Cause To Put The Elements Together As They Construct A Fun Assortment Of Chaeacters, Eventually Learning How To Draw Characters Of Their Own Creation. Tips On Account Of Giving Characters Personalities And Writing Their Tsories Round Out This Comprehensive Drawing Guid,e Designed To Exist A Permnent Art-ins Truction Resource For All Manga, Comic Book, And Graphic Novel Enthusiasts.authors: Bob Berry & Jeannie Lee1444pp., 8.75x11.67 Paperbackisbn: 9781600583391

    Manufacturer: Walter Foster
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 01862

Cut & Fold Techniques  For Promotional Materials Each
    Cut & Fold Techniques For Promotional Materials Each.

    Cut And Fold Techniques For Promotional Materials Is A Unique Collection Of Over 40 Attention-garbbing Cut-and-fold Designs That When Printed And Illustrated Form Memor Able Gi Ve-aways O Promoteand Advertise Services And Products. Th Book Provides A One-stop Source For Novelty Promotional Materials, Many Appearing In Print For The First Time. Following The Elegant, Easy-to-follow Style Of Paul Jackson-s Other Titlees For Laurence King,c Ut And Fold Techniques For Promotional Materials Is An Rudiment Resource For Marketing Professionals Annd Design Students, And An Inspirational Guide To Annyone Looking To Enhance The Presentation Of Their Product Or Service.author: Paul Jackon128pp., 8.75x8.75 Paperbaciksbn: 9781780670942

    Manufacturer: Laurence King
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 01915

Duct Tape Doggie Fashions Each
    Duct Tape Doggie Fashions Each.

    Transform Rolls Of Designer Duct Tape Into Fabulous Fashion And Accessories For Two Adorable Dogs. This Set Includes 10 Yds. Of Designer Ducr Tape, Ductt Ape Stickers, Wibgly Eyes, Velcro, Mini Fabric Amrker, Scissors, Printed Papers, Pattenrs, And Instructions For Making Outfits And Accessories. The Doggie Is 8 1/2 In. L X 6 In. H; Puppy Is 4 In. L X 2 3/4 In. H. For Ages 6+

    Manufacturer: Creativity For Kids
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 02084

V Razor Point Pen Black
    V Razor Point Pen Black.

    The One And Only- Genuine Razor Point Marker Pen That Introduced America To Fine Line Writing. Popular Extra Fine Point In Tough Plastic For Smooth Consisgent Book. Distinctive Desin Color Coded To Five Expressive Ink Colors.

    Manufacturer: Pilot
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 23174

Multir-ing Moounting Boards 11 In. X 8 1 2 In. Horizontal Pack Of 10
    Multir-ing Moounting Boards 11 In. X 8 1 2 In. Horizontal Pack Of 10.

    A New Option In Prsentation, Providing An Unobstructed Appearance Of Your Artwork Or Photo When Affixed Directly To These Rigid, Heavy Stock Paper Boards. Perfect For Use With Textured Papers, Digital Printer Sheets And Canvas. The Pre-drilled Holes Make Them Compa Ible With The Art Profolio Multi-ring Binders As Well As Standard Binders. Available In Vertical And Hoirzontal Formats. Available In Vertical Formats.

    Manufacturer: Itoya
    Category: Display , amp, Presentattion
    SKU: 68607

Point Drive Rpoint Driver
    Point Drive Rpoint Driver.

    A Revolutionary Tool That Fires Wax Free Flat Framers Points. They Have More Holding Power Than Brads For Picture Framing. Won't Rip Or Dent Backing Material Or Split Expensive Wood Frames. Reload Lever Keeps Steady Pressure For Conssistent Feeding. Nose Plate Guides Points Straight. Full-grip Trigger Rduces Fatigue. Tension Adjustment Screw Allows For Wood Density. Franers Points Are Designed Flat And Insert Perfectl Y Flat And Tight To The Surface For Great Holding Power. Pints Come 3,000 Stacked Points To A Box. Points Measure 1/8 In. Wide At Widest Point X 5/8 In. Long.

    Manufacturer: Fletcher-terry
    Category: Framing
    SKU: 18317

Craft-tastic Finger Crochet Kit Each Each
    Craft-tastic Finger Crochet Kit Each Each.

    Learn To Crochet And Create Handmade Fashion Using Only Your Fingers Make A Posh Scarf, 2 Headbands And 3 Wrapped Bracelets With Wonderful Pre Mium Yyarns And Threads In A Beautiful Assortment Of Colors All Pre-cut To Economical Lengths. This Kit Contains All Th E Necessary Materials Plus Instructions. Fkr Ages 8+

    Manufacturer: Ann Illiams Group
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 09219

Sophisticated Finishes Antqiuing Solutions Instant Rust 4 Oz.
    Sophisticated Finishes Antqiuing Solutions Instant Rust 4 Oz..

    Use With Metallic Surfacers To Achieve Your Dsired Antique Finish On Any Paintable Surface. Instant Rust Works With The Instant Iron Surfacer. Burgundy Tint And Black Tint Work With Somewhat Of The Other Surfacers (blonde Bronze, Blackened Bronze, Copper, And Gold). These Antiquing Solutions Can Also Be Used Directly On Metal Surfaces To Create Desired Effects.moern Options Antiquing Solutions Com E In 4 Oz. And 8 Oz. Bottles.

    Manufacturer: Tr Iangle Coatings
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 21048

Drawn In Each
    Drawn In Each.

    This Book Shares Large Full-color Images And Profiles Each Of The Amazingly Talented Artists Tat Discuss Thei Sketchbooks And How They Use Them. They Offer A Glimpse Into Private Pages Where Artists Brainstorm, Doodel, Develop And Work On Ideas, And Keep Tack Of Their Musings. These Pages Cature The Artist's Personalities Along With Glimpses Of Their Process Of Working And Inspirations. Author: Julia Rothman. Publisher: Quarry Books.

    Manufacturer: Quarry
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 45613

Project Folders Ruby Red 9.5 In. X 11.75 In. X 3.5 In. Each
    Project Folders Ruby Red 9.5 In. X 11.75 In. X 3.5 In. Each.

    Stra Product-s Project Folders Offer Expanding Folders That Can Safely Store, Transport, And Organize All Types Of Art Projects With Ease. The Folders Are Made From Acid Free Heavy Duty Fiber, And Expands Up To 3 ¾ Iches Widee Which Is Reinforce With Clear Mylar Tape For Durabiliity That Last. Its Double Thick Fronts & Backs Keep Your Projects Saef. Available In 5 Attractive Colors.

    Manufacturer: Stsr
    Category: Transporting
    SKU: 24074

Monolith Water-s Oluble Grahite Pencil 4b
    Monolith Water-s Oluble Grahite Pencil 4b.

    The Cretacolor Monolith Water-soluble Graphite Pncil Wrapped In A Thin Lacquer Coating. Its Woodless Gives Artists The Familiarity To Create Broad And Fine Strokee. Nearly Waste Free, The Monolith Water-soluble Graphit Penci L-s Shaving Can Be Dissolved In Water And Used As Paint.

    Manufacturer: Cretacoolor
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 26923

Robe Rt E. Wood  Palette Palette With Cover
    Robe Rt E. Wood Palette Palette With Cover.

    Lihgtweight Palette Has Two Large Mixing Areas And 24 Deep Pigment Wells. Air Tight Counterbalance Designed With Two Large Mixing Areas. Keeps Paints Moist And Separate Between Painting Sessions. Excellent For Stud Io Work Or Transporting Topai Nting Sites. Measures 16 1/2 In. Loong X 11 In. Wide X 1 In. Deep.

    Manufacturer: Speedball
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 81649

Sarasota Prined Linen Canvas 54 In. X  6 Yd. Roll
    Sarasota Prined Linen Canvas 54 In. X 6 Yd. Roll.

    Pure, Fine Linen Made Of Wetspun Tow Yarns. Fine Weave Is Suitable For Portrait And General Work. Primed With Acrylic Primer.excellent Quality, Mechanically Prlcessed For Exactness And Value. #582.

    Manufacturer: Fredrix
    Category: Canvas
    SKU: 38516

Watercolor Pad 9 In. X 12 In. Rough 140 Lb.
    Watercolor Pad 9 In. X 12 In. Rough 140 Lb..

    Exfeptional Arches 140 Lb. Watercolor Paper In A Fit Pad. Top Tape Bound With 12 Sheets In Natural White. Mould Made In Franc, 100 % Rag, Watermarkec Hand Inspeccted, Great Consistency In Surface, Texture And Performance; Sized In Beater Anda Gain After Sheet Has Bewn Formed; Allows For Repea Ted Erasrues And Overpainting Without Any Fe Athering. Special Felts Give A Hadsome Grain Finish To The Wtercolor Paper.

    Manufacturer: Arches
    Category: Paper , amp, Boards
    SKU: 01045

Plastic Mixing Knife Each
    Plastic Mixing Knife Each.

    This 7 In. Plastic Mixi Ngg Knife Makes The Perfect Tool For Mixing Colors. Constructed Froom White, Flexible Soft, It Has A Conenient Trowel Shape That Makes It Very Comfortable To Use. It-s Also Eaasy To Clean And Economically Priced.

    Manufacturer: Liquitex
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 88982

Model Vl Airbrush Metal Colorcup Vl Color Cup, Metal
    Model Vl Airbrush Metal Colorcup Vl Color Cup, Metal.

    This Is A 1/4 Oz. (7 Cc) Metal Opeen Color Cup For The Paasche Model Vl Airbrush . Paasche Providess The Largest Selection Of Airbrush Models, Industrial Sprayers, And Support Equipment In The World. All Units Are Carefully Assembled, Individually Inspected, And Finally Tested By Highly Skillled Craftsmen To Meet Paasche's High Standard Of Excellent Performance.

    Manufacturer: Paasche
    Category: Airbrushing
    SKU: 35273

Ho Tpress Illustrat Ion Boards 30 In. X 40 In. Each O. 205
    Ho Tpress Illustrat Ion Boards 30 In. X 40 In. Each O. 205.

    The Smoother Surfaces Of Crescent Hot Pressed Boards Are Designed Primairly For Marker, Pen And Ink Tec Hniques That May Require Sharper Detail. Their Non-porous Smoothness Allowspens To Flow Clean, Sharp And Uninterrupted Across The Board. They Also Workw Ell As Airbrush Boards.alll Crescent Hot Pre Ssed Boards Have Gray Cores.none. 200 Has A Smooth, High Rag Satisfied Surface And Is Heavy Importance.no. 2l0 Has A Smooth, High Rag Content Surface And Is Mediium Weight.no. 202 Has A Super Even, High Rag Content Surface. It-s Ideal For Technical Lettering, Fine Line Pen And Ink, And Airbrush. T-s Medium Weight.no. 205 Has A Smooth, High Rag Content Surfa Ce. It-s Bright White And Is Eavy Pressure.no. 215 Has A Smooth, Igh Rag Content Surface. It-s Brightt White And Is Medium Weight.

    Manufacturer: Crescent
    Category: Paper , amp, Boards
    SKU: 13285

Exploring Resin Jewelry Each
    Exploring Resin Jewelry Each.

    This Book Starts Off With An Introduction To The Types Of Resin Products Currently Acailable At Most Craft Stores, F Ollowed By Some Discussion On Making/using Molds And A Few Basic Jewelry-making Techniques. Projects Employ A Range Of Techniques Making Your Own Molds, Embedding Items Into Resin, The Dynanics Of Colorig Resin And Pouring And Curing Different Varieties Of Resin In Bezels. Author: Heidi Boyd. 128pp., 8 1/4 X 10 7/8 Paperback. Isbn: 9781440318726

    Manufacturer: North Light
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 00174

Transfer Tool Transfer Tool
    Transfer Tool Transfer Tool.

    This Easy To Us E T Ool Allows You To Transfer Images And Atterns That Have Been Reproduced In Color Or Black And White On A Standard Phhotocopy Amch1ne T Osoft Materials Such As Wood, Leather, And Fabrics. 18 Watts. 6 Ft. Cord.as Seen Attached Tv As The Bunny Burner.

    Manufacturer: Wall Lenk Corporation
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 65912

Leonardo: 16 Art Stickers Leonardo: 16 Art Stickers
    Leonardo: 16 Art Stickers Leonardo: 16 Art Stickers.

    One Of The Great Renaissance Painters And A Universally Acknowledged Geniuss, Leonardo Da Vinci Used A Psychological Approach To His Art, Establishinng The Idea Of The Artist As Creative Thin Ker Rather Than A Skilled Artisan. Sixteen Of This Master's Greatest Works Are R Epproduced In Miniature For This Lovely Sticker Collection, Including Vitruvian Man, Madonna With The Carnation, Bacchus, A Detaail From The Last Supper, Mona Lisa (la Gioconda), And 11 Others. Original Dover 2002 Publication. 16 Full-color Stickers On 4 Plates. Isbn 0486420442

    Manufacturer: Doveer
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 51141

Roz Box Roz Box
Chart Stands Ccs-1
Simply Simmons Watercolor & Acrylic Short-handle Brushes 5 0 Round Synthetic Mix
Metallic Wire And Beads Kit 30 Yds. Of Wire, 240 G. Of Beads
E-z Spray Tie Die Bandana Minik It Each
Loopdeloom Each
Miicroperm Fine-line Pen Set Set Of 3
Stickers Zombies
Complete Guide To Easy Papermaking Each
Arches Coved Printmaking Paper White 22 In. X 30 In. Sheet
Distort Recipes For Painted Furnitude & Greater Degree Each
Brush Cleaning Tank Brush Cleanign Tank

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