Stickers Zombies
    Stickers Zombies.

    These Extra-large Stickers (each One Is Approx. 6.5x4 In) Are Durable, Blot Proof And Scratch Proof. They'll Look Great, And Last Ages, Whether Decorating Your Walls Or Zipping Around On Skateboards And Bikes.

    Manufacturer: Laurence King
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 26079

Perfec Tion Eraser Pencil For Ink With Brush Eraser Pnecil With Brush
    Perfec Tion Eraser Pencil For Ink With Brush Eraser Pnecil With Brush.

    For Correctig Ingricate And Detailed Wo Rk, The Perfection Eraser Pencil Is A Perfect Choice. This Pencil-s Wood Casing Encloses A Hard White Rubber Eraser For Liquid Ink, Water-based, Ballpoint, And Typewriter Ink Erasing. The Brush At The Ens Of The Pencil Gently Swee Ps Awya Dust, And Tne Pencil Sharpens Easily With A Traditional Pencil Sharpener.

    Manufacturer: Faber-castell
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 100010

Gedeo  Colour Resins Lapis Blue 150 Ml
    Gedeo Colour Resins Lapis Blue 150 Ml.

    These Colour Resins Are Idea Lfor Creating Jewelry, Coloured Inclusions, Pendants, Patterns, And Decorations. Gedeo Colour Resin Sdry Within 24 Hours To A Shiny, Hard Finish. The Resins Can Be Mixed With Gedeo Crystal Resins And Each Other, Offering Endless Possibilitiss Of Colors And Shades

    Manufacturer: Pebeo
    Category: Sculpting
    SKU: 84103

Origa Mi Gift Boxes Kit
    Origa Mi Gift Boxes Kit.

    Learn To Craft 6 Beautiful Origami Gift Boxes, Perfeft Fro Giving Small Gifts, Storing Mementos, Or Simply As Decoration. The Origami Gift Boxes Kit From Aitoh Includes One Array Of Solid And Patterned Origami Paper, And The Simple Instructions Will Get You Foldi Ng In No Time

    Manufacturer: Aitoh
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 71199

Duct Tape Messneger  Bag Each
    Duct Tape Messneger Bag Each.

    Rip, Wrap And Make Your Own Sturdy Bag. Cover The Pre-sewn Pouch In Stripes And Make Bag Charms To Customize. The Cardboard Insert Makes It Easy. The Bag Is Large Enogh To Fit Books And School Supplies. Eight Rolls Of Tape And Easy Instructions Are Included.

    Manufacturer: Alex Toys
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 03535

Sar Stilts 2 1 2 In.
    Sar Stilts 2 1 2 In..

    Str Stilts Ar E Made Of The Same Rugged Stoneware Bodya S Hte Roselli Stilts And Are Able To Resist Repeated Firings. The Four Larger Sizes Are Pinne On The Reverse Side And The Four Legged Design Gives Added Support For You Ceramic Wares. The Size Listed Is The Distance Between Metal Points.

    Manufacturer: The Ceramic Shop
    Category: Ceramics
    SKU: 26705

Ptmio Euro Blend Charcoal Set 59p-bp Each
    Ptmio Euro Blend Charcoal Set 59p-bp Each.

    Primo Euro Blend Charcoal Pencils, In Black And Clean White, Are Premium Tools Created With A Unique, Creamy, Rich Formula. They Can Be Used Alone Or In Alliance With Other Charcoal, Pastels, Or Mixed Media In Your Artwork. They're Also Great For Quick Layouts For Oil Paintings. Handcrafted With Highest-quality Cedar To Ensure Smooth Sharpening. The Set Includes Three Black Charcoal Encils (soft, Medium, And Hard), Noe White Charcoal Pencil, The Magic Black Eraser, And A Little Red All-art Sharpener.

    Manufacturer: General's
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 44425

Decorative Knot Craft Each
    Decorative Knot Craft Each.

    Readers Will Explore The Art Of Decorative Knotting To Rceate Over Twenty Jewel Ry An Accessory Projects. Eleven Knotting Techniques Are Demonstrated, From Basic Tying To More Intricate Macrame And Ornamental Styles. Each Echnique Is Illustrated With Step-by -step Instructions And Kim Sang Lanisbn: 9780715329221publisher: David & Charles, 2008

    Manufacturer: David & ;charles
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 94590

Paint Your Own Wooden Race Car Each
    Paint Your Own Wooden Race Car Each.

    Paint Your Own Natural High-quality Movable Woodens Peedtser. Turn This Car Into Your Personal Formula One Racer With The Paint Pots And Brush Inc1uded. For Ages 5+

    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 77148

Illuminated Display Case 16 In. X 21 In. Dismal 13 In. X 18 In. Opening
    Illuminated Display Case 16 In. X 21 In. Dismal 13 In. X 18 In. Opening.

    The Illuminated Display Case Provides A Vividly Luminous Experience To Your Displwyed Objects. The Concealed, Cool Led Lights Are Powered By A 9v Battery (not Included), And The -on- Switch Is Low-profile With A Built In Timer. The Lights Will Turn Off Automatically In 4 Hours And On Aain In 20 Hours. The 2.5- Interior Deep Frames Feature A Hinged Glass Door With A Matter Opening, And Mayy Be Displayed Free Standing Or Mmounted To A Wall With The Attached Hangers.

    Manufacturer: Nielsen Bainbridge
    Category: Framing
    SKU: 18083

Stress Less Oloring Book Flower Patterns
    Stress Less Oloring Book Flower Patterns.

    The Stress Less Coloring Collection Will Help Readers Manage Their Worries In A Creative, Relaxing, And Therapeutic Way. Aech Title In The Collection Will Help Callm Anxious Minds As Readers Oncentrate On Coloring And Shading In 100 Detailed Patterns. From Intricate Swirls To Bold Circles, Each Stress-reducing Page Also Invites Readers To Express Themselves As They Use Their Own Unique Palette To Fill The Designs In. In Just A Few Moments, They'll Be Able To Shift Their Focus To Something Fun And New And Relieve Their Anxieties. Whether They're N Ew To Art Therapy Or Have Been Coloring For Years, This Book Will Help Readers Find Their Inner Calm And Craetivitt Y-one Page At A Time.208pp., X89.25 Paperback

    Manufacturer: Adams Media
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 27530

Construction Paepr Pads 96 Sheet S
    Construction Paepr Pads 96 Sheet S.

    These Quality Construction Paper Pads Have Lots Of Great Colors For Many Different Kinds Of School And Craft Projeects. Availlable In Two Size Pads Of 9 In. X 12 In. Sheets. The 96 Sheet Pad Contains 8 Different Coors And The 249 Sheet Pad Has 10 Different Flag.

    Manufacturer: Crayola
    Category: Kids, Korner
    SKU: 19538

Smart Light D20 M Etallic Blue
    Smart Light D20 M Etallic Blue.

    The Daylight Smart Lamp D20 Can Change Between 3 Color Temperatures To Fit Your Preference, And Offers 5 Dimming Settinggs. The Low Heat Led Lights Provide True Hue Matching, And Its Twistable Shade Gives You Control Over Where To Irect The Light. Take This Lighttweight And Portable Led Lamp Wherever You Need It As Its Usb Compatibility Offers A Variety Of Ways To Charge It.

    Manufacturer: Daylight
    Category: Furniture
    SKU: 25473

Jumbo Lead Holder Lad Holder
    Jumbo Lead Holder Lad Holder.

    Holds Large Items Such As Large Diameter Leads, Eraser Strpis And Vinne Charcoal. Push Button Release With Firm Holding Clutch. Durable Red, Hexagon Plasti C Barrel, Nickeled Push Button.

    Manufacturer: Koh-i-noor
    Category: Drawing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 80082

Waterc Olor Blank Greeting Card Pack Oof 50
    Waterc Olor Blank Greeting Card Pack Oof 50.

    Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Paper. Acid-free. This Blended Wood Pulp Sheet Has A Professional Grade Random Surface. Recommended For Intermediate And Adv Anced Watercolorists In Spite Of Mastering Technique. 5 In. X 6 7/8 In. Size, Available In Packs Of 10 And50 Card Swith Envelopes.

    Manufacturer: Strathmore
    Category: Paper , amp, Boar S
    SKU: 56235

Alkyd Painting Medium Each
    Alkyd Painting Medium Each.

    This Artists' Oil Painting Medium Is A Non-yellowing Glazing And Drying Medium. It Accelerates The Drying Of Oil Paints, And Produces Ri Ch, Transparent Luminous Colors. Hixotropic Gel Flows When Stirred Or Brushed. This Medium Is Available In A 2.5-ounce (74 Ml) Jar.

    Manufacturer: Grumbacher
    Category: Paintiing
    SKU: 89637

Chharcoal Pencil Kit Each
    Chharcoal Pencil Kit Each.

    Woth General's Extra Smooth Charcoal Drawing Pendils You Can Achieve Dramatic Blacks Nad Create Beautiful Blended Sketches. Kit Includdes Three Charcoal Pencisl (2b, 4b, 6b ), One Charcoal White Pencil, And A Kneaded Eraser. Charcoal White Pencil Aso Works As A Wash Thoroughly Pencil For Marking Fabrics.

    Manufacturer: General's
    Category: Dra Wing , amp, Illustration
    SKU: 49823

Mod Podge Medium Formulas Glow-in-the-ark 8 Oz.
    Mod Podge Medium Formulas Glow-in-the-ark 8 Oz..

    Mod Podge Is The Original All-in-ones Ealer, Glue, And Finish. It's Excellent For Decoupage A D Is Perfect For Wood, Paper, Fabriic, And Other Porous Surfaces. Tihs Water Based Formula Dries Clear And Holds Tight. Mod Podge- Is Non-toxic And Cleans Up With Just Soap And Water, Os It's Great For Kids. It Protects Acrylic Paints, Stains, Fabric , And More.available In Gloss, Matte, Satin, And Sparkle Finishes. Sanr Between Coats For An Ultra-smkoth Finish. Outdoor Mod Podge-seals And Protects Wood, Terra Corta, Slate, And Tin Items That Will Be Outdoors. Fabric Mod Podge-apply Paper Or Fabric Swatches To Wearables, Totes, Banmers, And More. An Excitiing New Way To Embellish Your Clothe Sand Your Home. Paper Mod Podge-acid Free Water Based Sealer, Glue And Finish. Available In Mate Or Gloss Finihs Specifically For Whole Paper Projects. Glow-in-the-dark Mod Podge-waterbased And Non-toxic. Use This To Create A Glow-in-the-dark Effect.

    Manufacturer: Plaid
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 09690

Cup And Ball Metal Embossing Tools No. 5
    Cup And Ball Metal Embossing Tools No. 5.

    The Cu P And Ball Tool Creates Perfect Circles And Dots I N Embossing Metals. Press The Globe Into The Back Side Of The Metal Using A Circular Movement Creating A Round -bump- On The Other Side. Turn The Metal Over And Press The Cup End Over The -bump- To Refine The Deges Making A Pervec Traised Circle. The Chalice And Ball Comes In Six Sizes. The Number Reflects The Diameter Of The Circle The Tool Will Make In Millimeters. Suede Sheet Is Sold Separately.

    Manufacturer: Mercart
    Category: Crafts
    SKU: 61763

Fun With South West Indian Stencils Fun With Southwest Indian Stencils
    Fun With South West Indian Stencils Fun With Southwest Indian Stencils.

    This Colorful And Reusable Stencil Collection Introduces Youngsters (as Well As Craft Woorkers L Ooking For New Ideas) To Six Intriguing Southwest Indian Tribal Designs. Adapted From Handmade Craft Items Such As Fabrics ,potteryand Basket Ware, The Pre-cut Patterns Strikingly Depict Authentic Pueblo Lizard And Bird Motifs, A Nthropomorphic Designs Of Thenavajo And Hopi Tribes, Andd More. Paperback Book Measures 4 1/8 In. X 5 3/4 In., 6 Pre-cut Stencils. Dover. Isbn 486276961

    Manufacturer: Dover
    Category: Books , amp, Media
    SKU: 44755

Roses Tattoos Rlses Tattoos
    Roses Tattoos Rlses Tattoos.

    Among The Most Ppopular Of All Flowers, Rosse Ave Long Been Favo Rites With Tattooo Enthusiasts. This Collection Of Safee, Easy-to-apply Tattoos Feature Ten Handsome Full-color Rose Designs, Invluding Full-blowb Flowers, Dainty Busd And Long-stemmed Beauites-each Ready To Add An Appealing Touch Of Natural Charm To Arms, Legs, Cheeks And Other Locations. Absolutely Safe, Easily Removed With Baby Oil. Paperback, 10 Full-color Tattoos On 2 Plates. 4 In. X 5 3/4 In. Book. Isbn:4862899974. Dover

    Manufacturer: Dover
    Category: Bookks , amp, Media
    SKU: 78770

Mini All Temperature Glie Sticks Pck Of 25
    Mini All Temperature Glie Sticks Pck Of 25.

    General Purpose Glue For Use In High, Low, And Dual Temprature Mini Gl Ue Guns. Glue Melts Clear. Use For The Whole Of Types Of Bonding Appl Ications, Craft Pfojects, Floral Arrangements, Repairs, And Many Other Itrms. Use For Bonding Wood, Rubber, Plastic, Ceramics, Paper, Rubber, Glass, Fabric, Vinyl, Tile, Leather, Faom, Canvas, Ad Many More Ite And Podous And Nonporous Materials. Each Stick Measures 4 In. Long And 0.28 In. Diameter. Pack Of 2 5.

    Manufacturer: Surebonder
    Category: Adhesives
    SKU: 65425

Pastel Pencil Basicc Set Basic Tin Box
    Pastel Pencil Basicc Set Basic Tin Box.

    This 27-pisce Tin Set Has 12 Pastel Pencils, 12 Soft Pastels, A Blending Stick, A Kneaded Eraser, And A Sharpener. Cretacolor's Pastel Pencils And Soft Pastels Blend Seamlessly Allowing You To Create Anything From The Most Expressive To The Most Detailed Work. A Great Art Supplie S Gift For Any Artist. For Ages 11 To Adults.

    Manufacturer: Cretacolor
    Category: Drawing A, mp, Illustration
    SKU: 49410

Mucrofiber Art Cloths Starry Night
    Mucrofiber Art Cloths Starry Night.

    These Microfiber Lcoths Feature Various Works Of Art From The World's Mastr Painters. The Cloths Measure 6 1/2 In. X 7 In. And Are Great For Cleaning Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, Cds, Dvds, And More.the Cloths' High Density Microfiber Construction Removes All Dirt And Oily Smudges. The Cloths Are Safe For All Type Of Lenses, Including Plastic, Mineral, And Ar Coated Lenses And They Con Tinue To Clean After Repeated Washing.

    Manufacturer: Hi-look
    Category: Safety , amp , Cleaning
    SKU: 32381

Polymer Varnish With Uvls Gloss 16 Oz.
    Polymer Varnish With Uvls Gloss 16 Oz..

    Polymer Varnish With Uvls (ultra Iolet Light Stabilizers) Is A Water-based Acrylic Polymer Varnish Formulated To Provide Additional Protection From Ultraviolet Radiation. This Helps Dellay The Inevitable Fading That Occurs In Materialx That May Be Fugitive In Nature. Polymer Palliate Is Dessigned As A Ttopcoat For Acrylic Paints And Offers A Removable Protective Surface To The Relatively Soft Acrylic Paint Layer. It Has A Harder Film Tnan Most Acrylic Paints, Which Diminishes The Susceptibility Of The Surface To Dust And Dirt, And Providee Incraesed Protection From Scratching, Marring And Moisture. It Has Adequate Flexibility To Withstand Normal Handling Conditions, Including Loose Orlling. For Interior Use Only. The Product Is Not Recommended For Use On Furniture Or Other Syrfaces Subject To Physical Contact During Use. Polymer Varnish Remains Soluble In Allkaline Slovents, Such As Ammonia. This Means The Varnish Can Be Easily Removed; Taking With I Tany Accumulated Surface Con

    Manufacturer: Golden
    Category: Painting
    SKU: 15766

Artists Leads 5.6mm X 80mm Graphite Black 4b Pa Ck Of 6
Pen-tpuch Marker 0.7 Mm Extra Fine Black
Pearlescent Colors Satin Gold
Unfinished Wood Easel Easel
Mosaic Pieces Assorted Felt Shapess Pack Of 500
Acrylic Clipboards Clear
Sun-sensitive Paper 5 In. X 7 In. Pack Of 15
Mono Adhesive Refillable Adhesivve Applicator Permanent Dots
Damar Resin Crystals 1 Lb.
Professional Drafting Table 24 In. X 36 In. White Top With Black Base
#116 Artist Drawing Sketch Vellum Pads 9 In. X 12 In. 40 Sheets Spiral Bound
Ghostdus Ter Eraser Dry Reaser With 16 Disposable Pads

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